Sunday, May 17, 2009

Third post in a row about Daisy of Love. I'm getting bored.

Tonight premieres the FOURTH episode of Daisy of Love. Listen to this though, VH1 previews the ENTIRE episode at 11 AM every sunday. I watched the fourth episode and was bummed to see only one person went home... BUTITWASSODRAMATIC! Let me set the scene: The "sexy boyz" walk into what is assumed to be the living room to see INSTRUMENTS! They're all soooo excited. Nine "sexy boyz" are left, there were 12 last episode. The nine left are split into three teams. Each band has to write a song based on... wait for it... nursery rhymes! HAHA! They have two hours to write their song. They all suck, but sinister's team actually constructed what sounded, slightly, like a song. Big Rig, 6 Gauge and Flex's team can't play at all, so they decide to get nude. Thanks VH1. London's band (by the way, London is too good for Daisy) was not very good, they didn't play their song well and they didn't get nude, yet, somehow, they won. Because London "looked so hot ... [Daisy] just wanted to make out with him." Thanks VH1. London, Chi Chi and Cage (who is named Cage because he fights in cage matches. clever.) go on their date with Daisy to the Gibson Showroom where they all receive Gibson Epiphone guitars. Daisy and Gibson wanted to give away these three guitars. I don't think Gibson did. Throughout the date London gets more and more upset because Daisy isn't paying attention to him and he wants her, for some reason. Daisy takes Cage on some alone time and this REALLY UPSETS London. On the limo ride back to the house London FREAKS OUT on Daisy and she gets REALLY UPSET. Boo-hoo. They get back to the house and the team that got nude at the challenge is forced to get makeovers, because Daisy said "What's the fun of having boy-toys if you can't play with them?" Thanks VH1. Back at the house the rest of them play truth or dare and Daisy asks why London's dad kicked him out of the house, oh yeah, London was talking about that earlier. This makes London REALLY UPSET and he says "OK I guess I'm leaving." This is the third time he's threatened to leave. This makes Daisy REALLY UPSET. All of the sudden it's elimination and London is there, even though he said he was leaving. Daisy had apparently convinced him to stay with her luscious lips. Thanks VH1. She gives chains to some people and gets to London, but London turns it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This REALLY UPSETS Daisy and she walks out. Some people haven't been given their chains yet and these people are confused and REALLY UPSET. Then the show ends. CLIFFHANGER! I can't wait until next week!

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