Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Deal video

This is a pretty good video with some very cool people. It was directed by Drew Barrymore, which is noteworthy, I guess. This is probably my least favorite Best Coast song, but I like the video enough.

Here's the thing. Why would you write that like that? It was unnecessarily confusing. Of course she killed you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Season 4 of the Jersey Shore Preview

I can already tell this is going to be my favorite season of the Jersey Shore because it rhymes.

Isn't this show great?! I'm so excited! Deena doesn't seem to be completely terrible! J-Woww is here ol' self! The Situation! Pauly D and Vinny's bromance becomes becomes bilingual! Sammi is barely in the preview! Snooki is arrested! They probably get real pizza at one point! This'll be great.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

James Spader is joining the office! Hooray!

Remember the season finale of the office this year? Remember how everyone was really concerned about who would replace Michael Scott? Remember how James Spader knocked it out out of the park? Well, now he's going to be on the show! Apparently he won't be replacing Michael Scott though. Instead, he will be replacing Kathy Bates. I am okay with that! Kathy Bates character was not very interesting, and James Spader's character is the exact opposite. However, the search continues for Michael Scott's replacement! Thankfully, Dwight is most likely out of the running. As you may recall, he accidentally shot a gun in the office while he was the interim manager. I'm still vying for Jim, because that seems like natural progression. I'd also like to see Kelly become the manager. She would bring the laffs. I also wouldn't be surprised if Pam took over, because apparently she can't hold the same position in the office for more than a few seasons. She was the receptionist for the first few seasons, then became a salesman and is now the office administrator, which she schemed her way into. I think she would make a good boss, because while she is pleasant, she can be very stubborn and is able to get things done. I would love to see Creed return to the manager position, but since he almost ran the company into the ground as the manager. Darryl would also be a suitable replacement. Basically, I don't who is going to take over, but I'm thinking it will be someone from the inside. Season 8 premieres on September 22, along with Season 3 of Community and Season 4 of Parks & Rec.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Real World Season 1 - Episodes 3 & 4

I know I mentioned this in my first post about this season, but the show has improved so much in the last 20 years. In recent seasons we see all of the action and the talking head interviews simply tell us how everyone feels about any given situation. Back in 1992, the talking heads, which are almost always shot at a cool 90's angle, tell us the story and the the only action we see is people walking to, standing in, or leaving a place. So far, the show is much less dramatic than in recent years, but does that really make it better? Yes and No. Yes, because it is really fun and interesting to just see these people get along. And no, because crazy people are always fun to watch.

Episode 3:
The first bit of this episode was dedicated to Julie being confused about directions. Eventually she found her way to the dance studio she was taking a class at, or something. She danced for a bit and this instructor told her she is at home and should have fun. And Julie was like "okay." We then met Andre's band. They are called "Reigndance" because it was the 90's and that is what a band would be called in the 90's. Andre is upset because he's sick and when he's sick he's not good, or something like that. He says he would rather be dead than sick, because at least when he's dead he can sleep. Good logic. While practicing with his band the cops are called. The cops come inside and tell them they have to keep it down because the neighbors are complaining. One cop tells them to play Frank Sinatra, because the neighbors like Frank Sinatra. Timeless reference! As the cops are leaving, one of them asks if the band takes requests and requests "I fought the law, and the law won." Clever cop. Eric gets a job modeling for an exercise magazine. There, he meets a girl named Karen. He and Karen hit it off and begin hanging out a lot. Apparently he's forgotten about his interest in Julie. Back at the loft, Becky has decided to cook dinner for everyone. She asks for Julie's help. Julie helps a little bit, but then goes upstairs where everyone talks about which Gilligan's Island character they would be. Norman originally picks Mary-Ann, but then says he would be Gilligan because he's "just so goofy." Becky, Julie and Norman go out to an art show, which Julie is very critical of. She says that it was more of a social function than an art show and the owners are phony. There is then a clip of Julie being very sarcastic to an old man who calls the group of them "kids." It's great because we see a part of Julie that isn't "the naive southern girl." After the art show they head to Andre's show. Becky is glad they went because her roommates went to her show a while back. Everyone gets along! How nice! Back at home Norman talks about finding men attractive in a very nonchalant manner. In a talking head interview Julie says they had never "had a big talk about his sexuality. He never sat everyone down and said 'I'm bi-sexual.'" Probably because he's not.

Episode 4:
Remember earlier when I said this season wasn't that dramatic? I was wrong. Apparently they were saving all the drama for this episode. Unlike episode 3, which had a thousand story lines in the half hour episode., episode 4 had one storyline. Eric vs. Kevin. Eric calls a house meeting to discuss the problems he, and everyone else, has been having in the loft. One problem was the mess of the kitchen. One problem was the sleeping arrangements. But the main problem was Kevin's absence. Everyone is pretty upset that Kevin is never around. They all assume he won't show up to the meeting. About half way through the meeting he walks in. He and Eric then get into it. Kevin is upset with Eric because Eric's sister has practically moved in, and Eric is upset with Kevin because that's his sister! The fight escalates and eventually they are just arguing to argue. Kevin writes Eric a letter, discussing his issues. Julie and Heather get ahold of the letter and mock Kevin's handwriting. Throughout the episode Eric simply complains about Kevin, who is, once again, missing. At the end of the episode Kevin walks in to find Eric sitting around the table with his friends, complaining. Kevin makes the point, in his interview, that instead of approaching him with his problems, Eric just complains to his friends. And that's the entire episode.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Forget Cars 2 and let it be next summer already

This is the trailer for the new Pixar movie. The one that isn't Cars 2. THe one that actually looks good. It looks very good. Until you see the person, it doesn't even look animated. Pixar, you've done outside yourselves on this one.

I don't know what the plot of this movie is, but she just shot a bear with an arrow!

Also, Toy Story 4 is supposedly a thing that might happen.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Power Rangers: A retrospective.

I asked my brother how many different incarnations of Power Rangers he could name. He just named different Harry Potter and LOTR books/movies. Then he said "pokemon." Come on! He couldn't even get Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I don't really know much about the Power Rangers after MM, but I'll try to explain each version with the minimum knowledge I have.

MMPR: The original. The best. Plus, the fact that the black ranger was black, the yellow ranger was asian and the pink ranger was pink will ALWAYS amuse me. I don't know if that's still how they do it, but I hope it isn't.

Power Rangers Zeo: Oh shit! This is the one with the gold Ranger! The Red Ranger times, like, a thousand. Kick Ass.

Power Rangers Turbo: I think they had motorcycles in this one.

Power Rangers in Space: I assume this is just Power Rangers... but... in space. Which makes it even better!!

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy: This one's also in space, I guess.

Power Ragers: Lightspeed Rescue: I remember this as the one I tried to watch to get back into the series, but it was lame. Motorcycles were in this one too.

Power Rangers Time Force: I guess all of the different Power Rangers are from different time periods. According to wikipedia "Many fans have compared this season to Power Rangers in Space for being more dark, emotional and realistic."

Power Rangers Wild Force: This is when the show started getting really fucking lame. They all had spirit animals or some shit.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm: You guessed it, they've got ninja abilities.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder: What is this? I don't even.

Power Rangers SPD: I'm assuming SPD stands for Space Police Department, which I feel like the Power Rangers have always been, they've just almost always been based on earth. So this title seems redundant.

Power Rangers Mystic Force: I didn't even know this was a thing until looking it up. I guess they have magic powers, which seems like cheating.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: I know nothing about this season, but based on the title it seems like they're trying too hard.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury: I don't see a difference between this and Wild Force. Apparently they have the ability to morph into other animals, or something.

Power Rangers RPM: Motorcycles, but for real this time!

Power Rangers Samuri: This is the current Power Rangers team. Congrats! I guess. It sounds a helluva lot better than RPM.