Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Remember when I said Daisy of Love was worth talking about? I lied. Also, Uncut Flipper - Cable Guy fight!

The latest episode of DoL was on Sunday night. Though entertaining, nothing interesting happened. The guys were put into teams and shot at with paintballs while running with a mannequin that, according to Daisy, wasn't as hot as her. Actually, I'd rather look at the mannequin than her. There were three teams, each wearing a different color. Black, Orange and Brown. Daisy says "all the guys look super-hot, but some of them look like their in prison, but that's pretty hot too!" Yeah... One of the teams won, I believe it was the black team... AND THEN Brooklyn says "uh... I have to say something... I'm still in love with my ex-girlfriend." Then he was yelled at a lot and left. cool, there have only been three episodes and in two of them someone left on their own, and in the premiere the triplets said they were only there for the food. If this keeps up, the show will be done in half the time. I think, I'm not one for math. Sinister (yes, his name is Sinister, and he's not all that sinister.) is chosen as the MVP, even though that prize wasn't announced beforehand. That night everyone goes to a club and Sinister's reward for being the arbitrary MVP is some alone time with Daisy in a private room! Yeah? Daisy tells Sinister to go to the private room and she'd meet him there. She completely forgot about him.
Back at the house erv'b'dy b hangin out and Cable Guy is upset because everyone is so aggressive and he isn't getting any of Daisy's attention, so they go outside and he tells her about himself. At elimination it's down to Cable Guy and Toolbox, who, earlier in the episode, got really drunk and said he "wasn't feeling this. Nah... I mean... Ya know.... nah..." Daisy says "I have one chain left and it's not for you... Cable Guy." WHAT?!?!! You should be flattered that guy even was in "your" house. (It's also the Surreal Life house, the "most smartest model" house, Bret Michaels' "house", New York's "house", Real and Chance's "ranch". Do you get it? They recycle this house. This house is a slut. It's had so many people inside it.) Immediatly after Cable Guy leaves Flex says "I have somethin to say. Toolbox said he didn't feel like you guys had a connection." Thanks a lot Flex, you could have saved Cable Guy, but no, you didn't Thanks a lot. A screaming match occurred and ended with Daisy saying "Do you want to be here." and Toolbox saying "It's up to you." She then threw his chain, quite dramatically, on the ground and they both left (in opposite directions).

The fight! Uncut!

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