Friday, May 8, 2009

Daisy of Love is something worth talking about.

I was severely not looking forward to the premiere of Daisy of Love. A couple of weeks
before "The Bus Michaels Show" (VH1! sitcom? We all know you haven't put music first for years.) ended previews for Daisy of Love began.. and I wanted to take Daisy and shake her violently and tell her "You are NOT attractive and the title of your show doesn't make sense!!!" These were my thoughts before I had seen the characters (I have trouble saying they are contestants.) Eventually The Bus Michaels Show ended, thankfully. Taya won. I believe I posted about it. The week after the GODAWFUL reunion, Daisy of Love premiered. I watched the premiere... and, boy, was I wrong. 20 guys move into the house I've come to feel sorry for. A limo pulls up and everyone gets really excited to see Daisy. I've seen a lot of VH1 shows, the person in the first limo is not the person the characters are competing for. Riki Rachtman (or something like that), of Rock of Love and no other fame steps out of the limo. The cheers cease. He prefaces Daisy, because she's so awesome? He asks how many of the guys are in a band, most of them are. He says "Bands suck. I don't want to hear about it." I wanted to give this guy a high five. The guys go inside and get drunk quickly, thanks to editing. They are then directed to another room in the house where Daisy and back-up dancers "perform." Everyone freaks out because she so "beautiful" I have to use quotes, because she's not beautiful. She then gives all the guys nicknames because, ya know, that's what they did in Rock of Love, oh wait, no they didn't. There were 20 names and 5 of the characters were kicked out that night. Also there were swedish triplets in a band called "snake of eden" They were entertaining, but eliminated, as well as a guy named "Torch" and someone else I've already forgotten.

OK! Episode 2: This is when it gets awesome!

A show-and-tell challenge was staged. Weasel showed pictures of when he was beat up in the hospital. He also gives her a daisy bracelet. Weasel, who was named because his real name was Pauly, which reminded Daisy of Pauly Shore, wins the date, along with three other guys. As it turns out, Weasel is an alcoholic and sucks a lot. He is sent home, as well as Professor, who apparently just SUCKS and is TOTALLY BORING! At the show-and-tell challenge Flipper (who flips a lot, hence his name) "raps." The best part is Cable Guy's comment at the end when flipper... flips.

sorry about the bad quality.

After the show and tell challenge the guys are all laughing about Flipper's rap by the pool and then Flipper walks out! OH NO! (Flipper then storms into Daisy's room and basically just yells a lot. He then simply leaves the house.)

again, sorry about the bad quality.

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