Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daisy of Love finale, people!

Right now I'm watching the Daisy of Love finale and LOVING IT, but actually more like hating it. London, 12 Pack and Flex (in alphabetical order... NOT!) are competing for Daisy's love, for some reason. They four of them have arrived in Maui. And Daisy was looking Haaaaaawtt in her bikini! Not. They have dinner and it's SUPER-emotional. Daisy asks 12 Pack how he feels about her and he throws up in his mouth (probably) and Flex gives a list of his favorite things about her and I realize 12 Pack is here for TV. Time for elimination! at an airport!! because of how that makes sense. London is called up and she puts him in the limo, he's in the final 2. good for him. She then calls 12 Pack up and he realizes he's going home and is incredibly over-dramatic and obviously acting. Daisy starts crying because 12 Pack won't say goodbye, so Flex picks her up. literally. It was weird. So the limo leaves with London and Daisy and Flex run into the helicopter and Daisy completely forgets about 12 Pack and he's left alone in the parking lot. Flex and Daisy go on a super-sexy date. (ugh.) Daisy says "tonight may be the night" that what? that Flex realizes how disgusting she is and decides to leave and London was just kidding about coming back so she leaves alone. That didn't happen. [Commercial Break: District 9 looks awesome. Charm School is done tomorrow. Funny People looks great, I'm really excited. 21 Guns by Green Day is a terrible song.] And we're back! yeah? Flex walks back to his room deliberately shirtless. Time for London's date with Daisy. The two of them are making out in the back of the limo and they're both wearing black nail polish. You can imagine what it looks like. London and Daisy go horseback riding and Daisy's horse poops constantly, whcih summarizes the whole show. Daisy: "You scare me." London: "Well, stop being scared." MAKE-OUT! Daisy gets really upset, I think I missed something, but she's crying now. Now Daisy is talking to Riki Rikchtman,or however you spell his name. London has a cat named Phyllis. Flex and London are waiting for Daisy at the elimination. Daisy walks up and is wearing a cute dress. gross. "This is the hardest decision of my life!" COMMERCIAL! It's back! Only 6 more minutes of this show ever! (hopefully.) And the winner is... London. I think. She said she needs Flex, but wants London. Then London stuck his tongue to Daisy large intestine. OK, yeah London won. Too bad for him.

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