Thursday, March 3, 2011


Redemption Island is so crazy! Actually, just kidding. It's pretty much just a challenge slightly changed for single players, rather than a team. In the first redemption island challenge, two people from each tribe went to watch the duel! The orange team sent the two blonde girls, one of whom was shacking up with Matt. The purple team sent the Gary Hogaboom/Titus Welliver hybrid, I think his name is Steve, and this guy who might be named David. Matt and Francesca/Fransesqua have to build a long stick out of shorter sticks and grab three keys. The three keys then unlock three locks. Once all the locks are unlocked, they have to run through the now open door. Fransesqua destroys early on in the challenge, but struggles on the third key. Matt catches up and wins the challenge, sending Fransesqua home. We will never see the Fransesqua/Phillip showdown we were all hoping for. "Steve" and "David" decide to tell Russell that Francesca won. Or as "Steve" put it "The black chick beat that blonde guy." Russell says "oh, okay." Then walks away. "Steve" then tells the rest of his tribe that it was actually Matt who won. GREAT SCHEMING! "Steve" seems to be becoming the leader of the purple team, which is fine. He's a likable guy, I just wish he hadn't set his sights on Russell, because Russell's my favorite. "Steve" decides to throw the challenge. I understand why he did it, he really wants Russell gone and that's the easiest way to do it. But, throwing challenges is dumb and I hate it always. I don't care what the reason is, it's never worth it and it isn't fun to watch. AND THEY THREW QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST CHALLENGE EVER! I think they first did this challenge in Heroes vs. Villains. It's the one where three people are tied to a wheel and dunked under water and have to spit the water into a bucket to release a ball, and ultimately do a puzzle. Because this is Survivor and every challenge ends in doing a puzzle. The purple team successfully throws the challenge and Russell is pisssssssed. The orange team goes back to camp and everyone starts looking for the hidden immunity idol clue. No one can find it. Bawston Rawb notices that the chair they won is lopsided when Phillip is sitting in it. He asks Phillip to move to the other chair, because the one he's in is broken, BUT ACTUALLY IT'S THE CLUE! Bawston Rawb grabs the clue and runs into the jungle and reads it to himself. The clue is incredibly vague and Bawston Rawb says one of the greatest lines in Survivor history, "The clue could have said 'the idol is somewhere.'" Back at the purple team, Russell and Stephanie are scheming with their third in command. They've figured out that it's six vs. three. Russell, Stephanie and Blonde girl vs. Everyone else. Russell asks Stephanie if Julie would be a good addition. So, Stephanie talks to her and they seem to come to an agreement. Russell, Stephanie, blonde girl and Julie (who I didn't know existed until this episode) will vote Ralph, and Steve's six, which he believes Julie is a part of, will split the vote Russell and Stephanie. They go to tribal council and Russell Stephanie and Blonde girl vote for Ralph, but Julie decides to stay with Steve's alliance and the vote comes out a 3-3-3 tie. Stephanie, Russell and Ralph aren't allowed to vote. The rest of them go back to vote and everyone but blonde girl votes for Russell. NOOOOO!!!! Russell is sent to Redemption Island. This is the first time, in the three seasons he's been on the show, he's ever been voted out. And "[he does] not like it." After Russell leaves, Stephanie turns to Julie and says "Storm's a coming." I don't know what she's planning, because she was down six to three within her own tribe, now it's just her and blonde girl versus Steve's six. I guess she'll have to use her charm and good looks, which she definitely has one of.

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