Friday, February 25, 2011

Jersey Shore is so much better without Sammi

You guys! Jersey Shore is so great when the plot is minimal! Sammi is gone, and Ronnie is pretty upset about it, but everything else is great! Well, other than Snooki and Deena. But I don't have a problem with J-Woww. She doesn't really do anything. And MVP is really funny. Ronnie is really upset and calls his dad, who comes down and hangs out with Ronnie. They have a nice lunch and his Dad convinces Ronnie not to leave. Yeah! Ronnie's great when Sammi's not around. While everyone is out, Snooki and Deena decides that the best prank in the world would be to stick marshmallows all over the house. Then they decide to leave so no one asks them about the marshmallows. Great plan. The Situation is on the phone and Snooki and Deena need a cab, so The Situation calls them a cab. The girls want to go a place called Jenk's, but Mike tells the cab to send them to Times Square. Legitimately good prank. So they get in the cab and think they're going to Jenk's. When they first ask the cabbie why they're going on the highway he says there's a lot of traffic. Then they keep going on the highway and the girls don't ask to turn the cab, they just yell "Where are we going?! OHMIGAWD!" and are really annoying. Back at the house, The guys decide to go to Rivoli's and Vinny, I think, sings "Rivoli's, Rivoli's, where you can get Cannolis!" Mike takes forever to get ready, so they leave without him. When he comes downstairs, J-woww tells him that they left. He decides to just go get a feast for himself and eat alone, but pretending his housemates are still there. He says things like "Can you pass the salt, Vinny? Thanks." It's pretty amusing. Snooki and Deena come back and are equally as annoying as they usually are and Mike's like "Sorry, I thought you could turn around whenever you wanted." The guys get back and they make drinks in the kitchen. As Ronnie's blending and everyone's laughing, Sammi walks in. Pauly says "Hey Sammi" and Ronnie looks up and escapes out the door next to him. Sammi, I'm really happy for ya, and Imma let you finish, but this show was much more entertaining when you weren't around.

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