Friday, February 18, 2011

Who knew Sammi was such an integral part of Jersey Shore?

Last night's Jersey Shore was good because there wasn't too much Sammi/Ronnie drama, so nothing really happened, which will make for a short recap, which means I don't have to write too much. (It is all about me!) So, Sammi left last week and now Ronnie's really bummed. He sends Sammi flowers to apologize and to her sister for her birthday. Deena's pretty upset because she thinks people don't like her. One night she gets really drunk at Karma and starts wailing, but Ronnie assures her that everyone likes her. Snooki brings this guy back, who turns out to be the same guy who cock blocked Vinny weeks earlier. You might remember this guy and his uncle coming to pick up this girl from the house. Vinny decides to swap roles with him and kicks the door in when he and Snooki are making out. DONE.

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