Thursday, February 17, 2011

Redemption Island is rather redemptive

So Guess what! The first episode of Survivor: Redemption island was great! As mentioned yesterday, Bawston Rawb and Russell are back! Yeah! One of those people is my favorite! Before they're introduced, we are introduced to the survivor newbies. They seem like the usual bunch of Survivor contestants. They're standing on the beach and Jeff announces there are two more contestants and Russell and Bawston Rawb climb out of a helicopter. Well, Bawston Rawb climbs out of a helicopter and everyone cheers. Then Russell climbs out and the applauding ceases. Everybody's talking heads say that they're really looking forward to playing with Bawston Rawb. Then there's this one girl, I think her name's Stephanie. She says she tried to give Russell a look like "that girl's got some evil in her." So, Bawston Rawb and Russell draw for tribes. Bawston Rawb goes to the orange tribe and Russell to the purple, with Stephanie. Favorite team? The purple one. Then the two tribes get tools to build their shelter! What? When did they start doing that?! Whatever. As the orange team is building their shelter, Kristina is looking through the toolbox for a hidden immunity idol. Bawston Rawb catches her and they joke about it, but really Kristina's put a big target on herself. Back at the purple team, Russell has taken Stephanie aside and made her his right-hand-hot-young-girl, as he does with someone every time he plays. He ensures the tribe that he's playing a new game this time, which may or may not be true. On the orange team, Kristina is now looking in the jungle for the hidden immunity idol. And she finds it! She kind of hits it off with Francesca, so she tells her about the hidden immunity idol. Kristina has come up with a plan to get Bawston Rawb out immediately. Great idea! He's really good at this game! They go to Phillip, who claims to be a former Special Agent. Phillip reluctantly agrees to go along with their plan, but not before seeing the hidden immunity idol. Elsewhere, Bawston Rawb is formulating a plan with all the young girls on his tribe to vote out either Francesca or Kristina. They're going to split the vote so they can't lose. Bawston Rawb figures Kristina found the idol. The two tribes meet up at the challenge. They must push a bunch of really heavy stairs together and then climb them, then break some ropes to release another set of stairs and at the top of those stairs is a puzzle. The purple team comes out ahead, way ahead. They get to the puzzle before the orange team is breaking their ropes. But, the orange team comes back at the puzzle. It gets really close but the purple team wins! Yeah! So the two teams go back to their respective camps and the orangies do some more strategizing. They go to Tribal Council and it is better than any tribal council from any last season AND THIS IS EPISODE ONE! They all sit down and start talking to Jeff. Jeff asks Kristina about Bawston Rawb's experience in the game and wether it makes him a target or a leader and she gives some answer in which she says something like "and if Rob gets voted out tonight, which he won't..." And let me tell you, that sets Phillip off. Now, Phillip is a former special agent and therefor very loyal and honest (or something, he's kind of crazy.) Phillip starts talking about how he, Kristina and "Francesqua" ("Francesca" Francesca points out.) had planned on voting out Rob. And that Kristina wasn't nervous because she has a hidden immunity idol. Phillip keeps calling Francesca "Francesqua" because he has a dry mouth, but he's getting treatment for it. It's really funny. Jeff asks who Kristina's hidden idol news to and everyone but the aforementioned three raise their hand. Then Rob asks to see the idol. He asks for the idol and tells Kristina that if she gives him the idol she won't be voted out tonight. YOU SHOULD DO THAT KRISTINA! THEY OBVIOUSLY WANT YOU OUT! She declines the offer and they all go vote. Francesca and Kristina change their votes to Phillip because he's annoying, but everyone else sticks to their vote. Jeff comes back with the votes and asks if anyone has the hidden immunity and wants to play it. Everyone looks at Kristina WHO DOESN'T PLAY IT! Whatever. Jeff begins to count the votes, Kristina get three, Phillip gets two and Francesca gets four and is sent to redemption island. Congrats, Kristina. Maybe this will gain you some respect from Rob, or not. Next week we get to see what Redemption island really has to offer!

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