Thursday, February 24, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island: The Adventures of Phillip

As long as Phillip is still in this show, it will be great. However, he's on the orange team, and I support the purple team. That's Russell's team. In the first episode, Russell said he was going to play a different game this season. That was a lie. He quickly picked out his second in command, Stephanie, and in this episode picked his second girl, I-forgot-her-name. He's happy because he's got the numbers necessary to vote out anyone he wants. But that doesn't stop him from going out to find the hidden immunity idol without a clue. As he's running around camp, Ralph, the down-south farmer, is collecting rocks. He passes a tree and sees a rock inside a hole in the tree and grabs it. As it turns out, it's actually the hidden immunity idol. lololol Back at the orange team, Phillip has promised Bawston Rawb that he has his vote. Bawston Rawb's like "alright, that's great." and walks away from Crazy Phillip. The two tribes meet at the challenge. Ralph hands Jeff Probst the immunity idol and says "We'll get it back." Which gives Phillip's craziness another moment to shine. Jeff Probst asks Phillip if Ralph saying they're going to win generates any sort of competitive force inside him. And Phillip says "Yes. It releases the animal inside me." Then he growls or something. So the challenge starts and my purple team wins. I would go into detail about the challenge, but really, who cares? Matt, from the orange team walks over to the purple team and congratulates them on winning, which pisses Bawston Rawb off. He creates this mastermind plan to vote off Matt, to break up his budding romance/alliance with Andrea and flush the idol from Kristina. Bawston Rawb tells his alliance, which is everyone except Kristina and Phillip, that they're splitting the vote. Girls vote Kristina, guys vote Phillip. "Keep it easy." Someone points out. But, that's not what's happening at all. They're actually voting out Matt! Oh man! Back on the royal purple team, Russell has picked up the reward basket from the challenge with the sole intention of finding the hidden idol clue. Little does he know, Ralph's already found the idol. Russell finds the clue and hides it in his pocket. He and his girls read the clue in secrecy. They get water while they're reading it and Ralph approaches them. He asks Russell if there was a clue and Russell deny deny denies. Then he says things like "This is how the game is played." and "You're either with me or you're against me." I really would like to see Russell win, because I think the only reason he didn't win was out of spite from the jury. So, I'm rooting for him this year, but he's making it very hard to do so. Back at the orange team's camp, Phillip asks Bawston Rawb who he should vote for. Bawston Rawb says that it isn't decided yet and he will let him know when it is. Eventually Bawston Rawb comes up with this master plan to touch the shoulder of the person Phillip should vote for while they're at tribal council. Phillip thinks this is a great idea. They go to tribal council and Jeff Probst asks Phillip about his animal comment at the challenge. Phillip then goes into this explanation of why he's a silver-back gorilla and a lion. Phillip was told by Bawston Rawb to act like he's the one going home. And Phillip is pretty good at it. He admits his mistake at the challenge and basically offers himself up for voting out. He says that if he does end up going to redemption island, he will not lie down and die because he will meet his nemesis. They go to vote and Bawston Rawb rubs Kristina's back and Kristina's like "thx/wut?" and Phillip knowingly nods. They all vote and Jeff Probst starts his "If anyone has the hidd-" and Kristina gets up and hands him the idol. She's now safe. Jeff Probst reads the votes and the blindside of Matt is successful. Matt's sent to Redemtion Island to a very surprised Fransesqua.

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