Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Too Beautiful To Live

So, there's this podcast called TBTL I've been listening to since June-ish of '09. It used to be a radio show on a news talk station in Seattle, but was cancelled in September of '09. Since being kicked off the radio, it has been a daily podcast and is totally my favorite. Since listening Luke, Jen and Sean (people you will come to love if you start listening) have become my friends, even if I've never met them in real life. Jen "Flash" Andrews was the producer when the show was on the radio. Luke is the host and Sean was the engineer. Late in 2009 Jen went on a US Road trip with her husband, Jason, and dog Mr. Knightly. A few times a week she would call into the show and talk about the little towns she would visit. Her final destination was Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Jason has an architecture project. She's still living there and calls in everyday and quite possibly the nicest lady in the world. Sean Detore is still part of the show, but is not on as often. His appearances on the show are filled with hilarious/terrible puns and jokes. He was recently diagnosed with some disease in which he apparently is unable to stop himself from making the jokes. Luke Burbank is a long-time radio personality. He had a kid when he was 17, who herself is now 17. He frequents Taco Time and drunkenness and tells stories of how he's upset his fiance in the process. The show is usually around an hour long. They talk about the news on occasion, but usually they talk about their drunken "adventures," shame, vanity and bettering their lives. And themselves. They talk about themselves a lot. This one time the talked really in depth about their drinking habits and it was very interesting and not quite as light as most episodes. You may be asking, why write this now if you've been listening to the show for almost two years? Well, this week is the "tbtl-a-thon," which is their fundraiser. They first did it last year when they were unsure on the future of the show. They successfully made it through 2010 and it's now time for the tbtl-a-thon again. This week would be a great week to start listening. Don't try to listen to it from the beginning. The show used to be three hours long every night until it was kicked off the air. This week they have some good themes for each show.

Monday: Listeners Favorite Moments
Tuesday: Self-Aware John Tesh Rip-off
Wednesday: Regrets
Tomorrow: Cooking with Sean Detore

Cooking with Sean Detore is long running segment in which Sean cooks for the team. A couple months ago there was a contest for someone to make a tbtl-themed recipe. The winner was "Tons of effing Risotto," which is a reference to the "Tons of effing sequins" video, a tbtl favorite.

Some other episodes worth listening to are:

Rachel Dratch interview, which went terribly wrong and ended with Rachel Dratch leaving in a huff during a break. It is often mentioned Listen to it here.

Patton Oswalt interview, which also went terribly wrong and is often mentioned. Listen to it here. A major beef was started between tbtl and Patton Oswalt, a beef which Patton Oswalt was mostly unaware of. Luke Burbank ran into Patton Oswalt a few months ago, at Bumbershoot maybe. Patton Oswalt was slowly remembered his interview and asked if Luke was the guy from that nighttime radio show and if he was really rude on it one time. Yes to both.

I would also suggest the Maria Bamford episode. Not so much because it's a fantastic episode of tbtl, but because Maria Bamford is crazy intersting.

The first episode as a podcast with guest Adam Carolla. Listen to it here.

TBTL is fascinating people, in which Luke and Jen interview each other because their offended by Barbara Walters Most fascinating people list. Listen to it here.

I'm posting this because 1. TBTL is a Kool Thing, which is the name of this blog (if you've forgotten) and 2. Ever since the John Tesh episode (yesterday) Luke's been playing Roundball Rock like crazy. AND FOR GOOD REASON BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME! I emailed him about how I never want him to stop playing that song. I also mentioned that I was unable to donate to the show because I don't have money to spare at this time in my life. He emailed me back saying "so glad you are feeling the power of the roundball rock. it is in fact, super-powerful." He then mentioned that I need not worry about donating, which I kind of was because I want this show to be successful, I just need to tell three people about the show. I'll do him better. I'm posting this to my blog, which has 12 followers on blogspot and 80 fans on facebook!

You guys should really listen. I'm sure you'll love it!

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