Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday! Happy Jersey Shore recap!

Remember Snooki's friend Ryder? She makes an appearance this week! But, when she walks into the house, Snooki is still at Jenni's helping her with her dogs and whatnot. So, Ryder, Vinny and Deena hang out in the kitchen and it's hella awkward because, as Vinny points out he and Ryder "have a past." Since Snooki's not around and Deena is just as obnoxious, Deena and Ryder hang out. They go on rides and drink alcohol, a grand ol' time by any account. Jenni and Snooki return WITH DOGS! That night all of the roommates go clubbing and I think to myself, is Ryder actually attractive or just in the context of the girls on The Jersey Shore? I determined she's actually a good looking person, but she is definitely the most beautiful girl in the room (the whole wide room). At the club Vinny meets this girl and they hit it off. Almost immediately after meeting the girl Vinny is accosted by this girl's brother and uncle. Vinny thinks it's kind of weird, but still takes the girl home anyway. Yeah Vinny! Elsewhere in the club, Ronnie is talking to this girl and Sammi will have none of that. She stomps over to him and yells "Who's that?!" He tells her it's his friend's girlfriend and Sammi goes "yeah, right." They all go home with their respective sex friends. The roommates decide to celebrate Ryder's birthday. They invite Sammi and Ronnie to the party, which is quite literally on a different part of the deck than them. Sammi shrugs them off and they're like "Whatever, you're a terrible person anyway." Sammi continually asks Ron how he's cheated on her and Ron denying anythings happened since that one time in Miami WHEN THEY WERE NOT TOGETHER. But Sammi doesn't believe because she's a crazy person. Ron starts talking to Jenni. Sammi finds out when Mike walks into her room and she asks him what Ron is doing, who she just saw five minutes ago. You're so beautiful, Lisa. Sammi jumps out of bed (still clothed, for whatever reason) and shouts to Ron from the balcony "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?" And Ron says "Talking" That exchange goes on for a while, until Sammi is downstairs talking to Ronnie and this exchange takes place about 20 - 30 times Sammi: "Are you friends with her?" Ronnie: "I don't want to talk about it." Sammi asks him one more time, then punches him in the face! LOLWUT! YOU'RE A CRAZY PERSON! She gets all sad and whatever and calls her mom. She's going home the next day. "FINALLY, We don't have to hear from her anymore!" -Everyone The next morning Sammi gets up and packs all her stuff and has every intention of leaving. She crawls into bed with Ronnie and is like"Will you help me get better" and Ronnie is like "yeah." So she calls her mom and decides to stay. UGH! Sammi promises that she's going to work on her relationships with everyone in the house. Hopefully that means we can avoid all the Ronnie/Sammi drama, right? Nope, next week: more Sammi and Ronnie drama. Those two are obnoxious.

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