Monday, January 31, 2011

Deadly Premonition Movie

We don't often delve into video games. Mostly because our readers (all 12 of them (the majority of whom are ladies (Hey, Ladies!!))) aren't major video game nerds. Movie/TV reviews have become our forte, especially reality shows, especially Jersey Shore (RIP VH1 Celebreality). But this video game has a plot so great, and is so crazy insane it must be made into a movie. If you are unaware of the game "Deadly Premonition," let me summarize it to you quickly:

Francis York Morgan is a special agent for the FBI. He is brought into a small town to investigate a murder case. Once there he is greeted with open arms by most of the residents. He and a police officer slowly fall for each other. Pretty basic so far, right? Here's where it gets kind of crazy, Agent Francis York Morgan talks to someone named "Zach," who is his imaginary friend. He talks to Zach about everything, especially movies. They both love movies. Here's where the game gets REALLY crazy. Every night some strange zombie/ghost/supernatural beings appear. If Agent Francis York Morgan is out at night he must fight for his life against these things. Every once in a while he will go down a dark hall or basement or the like and will discover some of these monsters. I don't want to talk about it anymore because I don't want to spoil anything about the game if you haven't played it, or our future movie.

Here's my desired cast list:

Agent Francis York Morgan

Nicholas Cage

Emily Wyatt

Mary Elizabeth Ellis

George Woodman

Daniel Day Lewis

Thomas MacLaine

Adrien Brody

Harry Stewart

Clint Eastwood

Forrest Kaysen

Daniel Roebuck

Ushah Johnson

Usher (PUNS!)

Michael Tillotson

Cillian Murphy

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