Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seriously Funny Kids should be called Heidi Klum Underestimates Children

Remember Kids Say The Darndest Things? That show was great! What made it so great? Bill Cosby, obviously, or Art Linkletter, if you're over, say, 40. Heidi Klum has decided to resurrect the fool proof concept of asking children questions you'd normally ask adults! It's a pretty basic concept. The Cos (or Art), if I remember correctly, would sit down a panel of kids and be super nice to them and then go "Oh ho ho!" When they something inappropriate, or slightly funny. Heidi Klum took that genius idea to the next level. Instead of just asking a panel of kids questions, she interviews them. One on one, like a really talented interviewer. But she's not. She is a terrible interviewer. A favorite question of her's is "Do you have a boy/girlfriend?" And the kids' responses are always never hilarious. This one kid has five girlfriends, but can only remember the names of four of them. OH Children! Another kid says he doesn't have a girlfriend, but his dad does. The Klumster looks at the camera like "What an inappropriate thing to say." Which is a pretty inappropriate response, because his dad probably does have a girlfriend. She seems to forget that we're living in a brave new world. My favorite part of the show is the transitions. She takes the kid she was just with a dances with them in front of a plain white background. Another aspect of the show is a candid camera sort of thing. The first one she brought in these kids and told them not to feed her fish, then she left. Then the fish started talking! Oh my god you guys! It was so funny! The kids were all like "What?" The fish were like "You should give us food!" and the kids were like "No." Oh man, it was seriously funny. Another kid she made her secretary. Heidi Klum, once again, has to leave, but she has so many phones! One of them is a psychic phone! (What?) So she leaves and this kid has to fend off so many phones calls! It is seriously funny. He does a pretty good job answering the phones and telling the callers what they need to know. Then these two people come in for an interview and treat the kid like he's an adult! Oh my god! It's like they don't even know! At this point all of the phones are going off and he's answering them all with only slight difficulty. Then Heidi Klum comes back in and tells him that it was all a hidden camera prank and the actors and Heidi Klum all have a laugh and the kid goes "oh." The premiere was two half hour episodes back-to-back. If you'd like to watch them, they're probably on Lifetime's website, or at least highlights! I didn't even get into the HILARIOUS outtakes.

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