Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who should win Survivor?

This season of Survivor has been quite the season. It wasn't quite as good as Heroes vs. Villains, because that concept is SO GREAT! It's always good when the entire cast has already been there. The season finale is tomorrow night and I'm pretty excited. We're don to the final five and they all have reasons they should and shouldn't win.


Why Fabio should win:
He was nice to everyone and never, or at least rarely, went back on his word. He looked out for himself without ruining anyone else's chances to drastically.

Why Fabio shouldn't win:
The only reason he's still in the game is because he wins immunity challenges and is charming. He "flew under the radar" for most of the game, which seems like a cheap strategy, but it is just as much a strategy as the "manipulate everyone into doing what I want" strategy.


Why Sash should win:
He successfully manipulated everyone into doing what he wanted. He made great moves throughout the game to ensure his place in the finals. He was the Russell Hants of this season, just not a douchebag.

Why Sash shouldn't win:
He masterminded his way though the game. He controlled the game the entire time, which you could argue is a reason he should win. But, he used everyone for their vote until he didn't need them anymore. He is just as cunning as Russell from the last two seasons and just as much a douchebag. He just has a nice smile so no one thinks twice about him.


Why Holly should win:
She was the "mom" of the game. Whenever anyone needed motherly advice, they would come to her. She was a very nice lady throughout the entire game.

Why Holly shouldn't win:
She was originally going to quit, but Jimmy Johnson convinced her otherwise. She never made any major moves. She was basically just a pawn of Sash's. (Although, if you really want to get into the chess metaphor, Holly is more like a Knight or a rook. She doesn't do a whole lot of good, and if you lose her, it's not the most devastating thing ever, but she is still helpful.) Aso, she reminds me a lot of Kate Gosselin.


Why Dan should win:
He never won any individual challenges, but is somehow still in the game.

Why Dan shouldn't win:
He never did ANYTHING in the game. He never formed a strong alliance and only got to the final episode by complete luck.


Why Chase should win:
He somehow aligned himself with the most powerful players in the game, which, I guess, is somewhat of a strategy.

Why Chase shouldn't win:
Much like Dan, he didn't do anything in the game. His only successes were being bros with Sash and having a hidden immunity idol.

So, I guess, Team Fabio?

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