Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Gear: USA

First, I'm glad it's not actually called "Top Gear: USA" because this isn't Law & Order. Second, the show is actually pretty good. The first episode was a bit boring, but maybe that's because we were all expecting the chemistry that comes from three guys that have been on a weekly show together for nearly a decade. Instead, we got three guys that were just sort of thrown together. Then, the first guest was Buzz Aldrin, who stepped foot on the moon in, like, the 13th century. He is so old. His interview was pretty brutal. Adam Ferrera, who is NOT Adam Carolla, basically just listed off all the cars Buzz Aldrin has owned in his life and Buzz Aldrin would simply say "yep." BUT, the second episode was a great improvement. Tanner Foust, AKA the best host by far, raced some skiers down a mountain in a car. That was fairly entertaining. Dominic Monaghan was the guest and had a very good interview with Ruttledge Wood. I like the Wood (definitely not a nickname that will stick, mostly because I just made it up). He doesn't have the best comedic timing and he has a kind of awkward stage presence, but you can tell he likes cars and knows what he's talking about. Tanner Foust is REALLY good. If he was the only host, that would be fine. Or, if there were three of him to all co-host. He is SO good at driving and he is SO good at talking and he is SO good at liking cars. However, Adam Ferrera is the worst host to ever appear on this newly premiered show. He was obviously chosen to be the funny guy, but he is not very funny. Whenever he's around I feel like he just wants to beat everyone up. If they get him off the show by next season, I'll be happy and the show will be much better.

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