Monday, August 30, 2010

So, I guess Persons Unknown is over.

Persons Unknown ended rather abruptly. I was convinced that there was at least one more episode to air. But no, instead, they aired one episode exclusively online. So, I watched the last four episodes yesterday and today and let. me. tell. you. The ending was pretty great. (SPOILER ALERT!)

As you know, Kat and Mark have just walked into the town. They go into one of the buildings and hide when they notice a bunch of guys in blue suits drive into town. They aren't sure what's going on, but it's not good. In the hotel, the guests awake and board the elevator. When they get to the ground floor they find a new night manager. "Hello, my name is Liam." He tells them. No one trusts him. They are told they are relegated to this floor for a while. They are told they will each receive a complimentary gift for their understanding. When they all receive their gifts they realize the significance to their gift. Charlie gets a paper discussing his embezzlement charges, but also finding him innocent (thanks to the program!). Billy "the kid" (implementing new nick names at the end of the show is the best time to do so!) receives an old football and the obituary of his old coach. It's touching, because Billy "the kid" blackham used to be really fat, but then he played football and made the winning play on his high school football team. Erika gets a campaign poster of her son, who's running for class president. Moira got a scarf, the scarf she used to kill her parents. Graham's gift was the belt his mom beat him with until he ran away at 14. Janet got something too, I don't remember what. Probably something about her stupid kid. While Kat and Mark are hiding in the bank, they find a bunch of bodies in body bags in the safe. They think one of them may be Janet, but none of them are. They notice that all of the corpses thumbs are severed. One of the corpses gets up out of the body bag. Zombies! Not actually zombies. He tells them that he has severed the thumbs so the authorities can't identify them, or something. Both Kat and Mark describe this as "genius." And I have to agree. it's a good thing those people don't have 9 other fingers to be identified with. (only one thumb was removed.) The men in suits notice the three of them in the bank and chase them. They steal one of the jeeps and drive out of town and are chased ruthlessly, or until the guy with the thumbs jumps out. He gives Mark his thumbs and tells them to bring them to the proper authorities. So he does. Unfortunately, as soon as they land Mark is arrested on account of kidnapping Janet Cooper. But he didn't do it!

PART 2 of this summary tomorrow.

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