Sunday, August 29, 2010

This season of The Real World is the best season of the real world

A few weeks ago, I said that this was the worst season of the Real World. How wrong I was! It's so great! It has all the aspects of a great show. There is an intense amount of drama, quite a few shenanigans, somebody to love, somebody to hate and a group of people who all complement each other really well and Sahar! This week's episode of the real world was so much better than this week's episode of Jersey Shore (which focused on Sammi and Ronnie's relationship and only that!). This episode starts with Ryan discovering that one of the fish has died. He and Knight decide to cook it, because why not? They put some spices on it and eat. I guess it's delicious. Ryan runs around the house offering it to everyone else, but everyone's really offended. That night, like every night, they go out to the clubs. Ryan gets REALLY drunk. As they go home in the taxi, Ryan starts punching the seat and banging his head on the window. Then, in a very Tommy Wisaeu-esque manner yells, "I'm fed up with this wuurld!" He didn't actually say that, but he did sound a lot like Tommy Wisaeu. It was really funny. We later discover that Ryan has OCD and has been having a really tough time handling it while in Nolins. He decides to schedule an appointment with a therapist, so all is good, right? BUT NO! Ashlee had gotten her tonsils removed a year ago and had some percosets left over that she's been carrying around ever since because of how that's a normal thing to do. Ryan had apparently asked for one a while ago and Ashlee was fine with it. But now they're all gone! OOPS! Maybe you shouldn't allow a crazy person to take your drugs, just a thought. Ryan claims that he only took two and Knight had one. As you know, Knight has a history with drugs. Knight decides to take a drug test to prove he didn't take anything. So all eyes are on Ryan. Meanwhile, Sahar is prominently featured in this episode! She gets in contact with some local musicians and learns some songs with them for an open mic night. Once at the open mic night she starts singing and is doing okay. People are picking up what she's putting down. They're digging on her jams. She's doin' alright. But then she forgets the words. But it's okay because everyone is very supportive. After Sahar performs, Eric performs a free style rap about how cool Sahar is and she feels better about screwing up. Overall, pretty good episode, pretty great episode. Next week looks to be even better though. Ryan may be getting kicked out.

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