Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So, I guess Persons Unknown is over. PART 2

Back in the town, Liam, the new manager, falls for Janet. I don't understand why people are always falling in love with Janet. She's the most boring person. First it was Mark. They loved each other so much they got married. Then Joe, then Erika and now Liam. What's the deal?! He brings her to the viewing station and explains that they are monitoring almost every inch of town. The next morning all the guests wake up to find the elevator not working. As the walk around the town, they notice that all of the furniture is missing. They go into the bank and find body bags. Six of them. There are seven people in this town. Janet goes over to Liam and asks him what's up. He tells her that the people in charge aren't going to kill them. They'll start killing each other because everyone wants to be the one to survive. The group gets together and they all promise themselves that that isn't going to happen. They're all going to stick together. Blackham isn't entirely on board though. He thinks the program can still help them all. They decide as a group that everyone needs a partner. They all pair up and Blackham is left alone. He goes to the bank and starts crying. To be fair though, it was a tear bank and he was making a large deposit. Erika and Janet are monitoring everyone and notice Blackham crying.Then someone comes into the bank and starts beating him. Janet and Erika run to the bank to save him, but it's too late. His body is already gone. Charlie runs in and notices everyone's face. He asks where Bill is and Janet tells him "he's gone." Charlie freaks out and attacks Erika. They pull him off her and it's all good. For now. Moira and Erika (oh, by the way, Moira and Graham have developed a bit of a relationship. It was pretty uninteresting for the most part, so I didn't really report on it.) are in the chinese restaurant and Charlie walks in. Suddenly, he collapses. OH NO! They're all dying so rapidly! The rest of the group rushes in to find an injection wound between his fingers. Someone accuses someone else of killing Charlie. Later, Erika is playing piano, drunk, like a regular Tom Waits, and Moira comes in. He beats her head against the piano and throws her to the ground and beats the door against her head until she's dead. The remaining guests run in and Moira runs away. They run after her and Graham promises "She's not crazy." They run after her and Graham finds her on the balcony of her room, about to jump. Graham talks her down and holds her hand. She throws him over the balcony and he lands on his feet from a second story window. That would definitely kill you. There's no way it wouldn't just break your legs. Moira walks back in and Janet attacks her. They start fighting and Joe yells "Girl fight!" Janet takes fire extinguisher and wraps it around her neck, choking her. Now it's only Joe and Janet left. Elsewhere, Kat returns to her job to find that they've been bought out by something called the Mansfield Institute. Back in the town, Joe and Janet are reliving the glory days of their kidnapping. "Remember that time we almost died all those times. Classic." Joe takes a big swig from a bottle of scotch (maybe) and offers some to janet. Janet drinks and as soon as she swallows, Joe spits his out. JANET! You've never been my favorite, but that was SO OBVIOUSLY a ploy. Now you're dead and Joe is the sole survivor. All of the body bags are stuffed into a van and they're off. Once they've been driving for a while, Janet unzips her bag and lets everyone else out. WHAT?! ZOMBIES!? not zombies. It turns out that they orchestrated an elaborate plan to fake everyone's death. Classic Persons Unknown. They lot of 'em attack the driver and the van runs off the road. The next time we see Janet, she's walking down some random street. Then she collapses.

PART 3 of this summary tomorrow!

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