Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So, I guess Persons Unknown is over. PART 3

Janet wakes up in a hospital. She wakes up in a hospital. She rips all over her IVs out and gets out of her bed. She opens her shades to discover a REALLY FAKE LOOKING BACK DROP SAN FRANCISCO! She's finally home! Or is she?! DUN DUN DUUUUUN She runs out of her room and the doctors are like "You are a crazy person." And she's like "Nuh-uh!" And the doctors are like "yuh-huh." Then they give her drugs and she passes out. Elsewhere, Moira and Erika are hiding in some middle eastern throws in some middle eastern country and never mentioned again. Kat and Mark are walking around on the side of the road when a car drives past. They try to flag it down, but no luck. What jerks. Who are those jerks? Charlie and Bill are those jerks. They decide to pull over to rest at nightfall. But it's later revealed that they are still being watched by the program. Back in the hospital, Janet is assigned a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is, of course, the director of the program. Janet explains the town to her, but she's not convinced. That night Janet falls asleep in her hospital bed. The next morning she wakes up in the hotel bed. She looks around and stares into the camera. Joe also wakes up in his own room. They each look in their bibles and find the key to get out of them out of the room, just like the first episode. Joe goes around and knocks on people's doors telling them about the key. Slowly, the rest of the guests awake and come out of their rooms. Then Mark, Janet's ex-husband, comes out of his room. Joe introduces himself and Mark says "I know who you are, father Joe Tucker." Janet gets into the elevator with the rest of her guests and it now becomes obvious that Joe and Janet are not actually in the same hotel. Joe goes to his elevator and his new guests follow him. They go to the lobby to find the new night manager, Tori Fairchild. Janet's elevator doors open and everyone expects to see the lobby of the hotel. Instead it's the first night manager who says "Welcome to level two." (I never explained levels. There are multiple levels to the program. When first captured, they were all level one. The night manager was a level six and the director was a very high level.) The camera zooms out and we see that they are now on a massive freighter in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. Great ending to a sometimes great show. It was great because it wrapped it up rather nicely in a "you can never get out of the program" kind of way. But, if NBC orders more episodes, there is definitely potential for more story. If you didn't watch the show at all, I suggest you do. It can be pretty engaging at times. It's also kind of slow at times. But, I liked it overall. I wouldn't mind if it got picked up for a second season and i wouldn't mind if it wasn't. It was originally written so that one story would be introduced, told and wrapped up in 12 episodes, and that's what happened. There is some talk of another season, and it's very possible. If NBC hadn't moved it to Saturday nights it probably would have gotten much better ratings. It got anywhere from 1.5 to 3 million viewers when it aired. I'd say that's not too bad for a summer tv show that was jostled around like it was Arrested Development.

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