Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Sahar centric episode of The Real World!

If I've had one complaint about this season of the Real World it's that it's focused too much on the Ryan/Preston feud and Knight and Jemmye's relationship. Sahar doesn't get enough screen time. She's basically been the Vinny of The Real World. Until Now! She had an entire episode dedicated to her! Pretty much the only other time we've seen her is the very first episode when she said she was from Michigan (Woo!) and when she promised to make out with Eric after the Super Bowl. But FINALLY she has something somewhat interesting happen to her! Apparently the rest of the housemates have been calling her "Hollywood" forever because she has such a great singing voice. She decides to go see a local musician who can play ALL OF THE INSTRUMENTS! It's so exciting. Sahar spends the entire episode talking about how cool it is. It is so cool. She's just one lady who plays an instruments, then puts it on looping machine, then sings. It is so cool. I hate to say it, but I realize now why we didn't get a Sahar centric episode until now, because she is the most boring Real World-er ever. She goes to see this musician, then talks to the musician after the show, then goes to her house a few days later to practice singing. Woo! Luckily, we haven't lost the actually entertaining parts of this season! Knight and Jemmye are Knight and Jemmyeing. Plus, Jemmye's mom is coming to visit! This is going to be so fun. When Alice, that's Jemmey's mom's name, shows up Knight is kind of conservative in his jokes. He doesn't want to offend Alice. Alice is a nice lady. By the end of the day Knight is talking about Alice's boobs to Alice. Appropriate! But where it really gets ugly/the best is the "feud" between Preston and Ryan. As you know, Preston peed on Ryan's toothbrush and Ryan stuck Preston's cigarettes up his butt. Mature adults! Well, in this episode Ryan finally found out about his toothbrush and he. is. furious. He doesn't know what he's going to do, but he might hit Preston! No really! He might actually do it! For real! Seriously! Why don't you believe him?! So. Ryan stomps around thee house like a kid who didn't get to have poptarts for dinner. He asks everyone where Preston is. He's on a walk. The logical thing to do after hearing that would be to wait in the street. (Oh, also, Ryan cut up and threw away Preston's favorite hat.) That's exactly what Ryan does. He waits in the street, pacing back and forth, steaming. How DARE he?! That's is so rude and TOTALLY worse than sticking cigarettes up your butt. Finally, Preston comes back and you better believe Ryan got in his face. He got so in his face! Man, if anybody were to get in my face THAT hard I'd be like "What?" which is exactly what Preston did. Then he asked Ryan "Are you going to hit me?" Ryan gets so close to him and goes "YEAH! I'm thinking about it!" Eventually Mckenzie comes out and tells them to come inside. So they do, probably because Mckenzie's cute. Later in the episode, Preston and Ryan are smoking (butt cigarettes?!?!) Preston apologizes for letting things get out of hand and they agree to not hate each other anymore. Yeah! Hopefully this will finally be over. They then go to a homeless shelter and help make burgers and everyone gets along and it's so great. BUT WAIT! When they return to the house, Preston is looking for his Debit card. Ryan is laughing to his brother on the phone because he threw Preston's debit card out the window. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

Later on this season; It appears as though Knight dumps Jemmye for Mckenzie. And something is going to happen between Sahar and Ryan. Also, shit's gone get crazy.

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