Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Episode of the real world!

I've really been slacking on Persons Unknown. I'm two episodes behind and have become fairly uninterested, but it's almost over so I'll finish it. But I've really been digging The Real World (people still say digging, right?). Last night's episode was great because Ryan was barely in it! Although it was also a major bummer because the two main plot points were Hurricane Katrina and domestic abuse, which are two things that make just about sad. The episode starts with Preston, Ashlee and one of the other girls going to a Lady Gaga party. Back at the house, Eric, Knight and Ryan are playing pool. They find a dead mosquito on the pool table and dare Knight to eat so he does. Guy stuff! Ryan thinks it's great, but also finds it repulsive and THROWS UP! No joke! He opened the door behind him and vomits. Guy stuff! He comes back in the house to Eric saying "you're so weak." It was really funny and you missed out. Way to go, you. Later in the episode, Sahar is on the phone with her best friend who tells Sahar that Pablo (apparently Sahar's boyfriend, who hasn't been mentioned since the first episode) made out with some girl at a club. Sahar is so upset, even though she did the exact same thing a few weeks earlier. The housemates decide to go on a tour of the damages hurricane katrina did, becuase, doesn't that sound fun? The tour inspires them to volunteer. Well, most of them. When they are talking about volunteering, Ryan says he's not going to do it because "it's not his thing." As he described, "I don't build houses, I do hair." Classic line from a classic douche. The rest of the housemates go and build a house. Mckenzie is really afraid of heights and has never used a hammer before (if you know what I mean (Dr. Horrible reference)). but she's overcome her fears and, if he was Bret Michaels himself, Knight says, "It kinda turned me on." But what about Jemmye?!?! What about Jammye, indeed. Knight has apparently gone too far too many times when it comes to talking to Jimmay. He calls her things like "Ho" and "bitch." He's just kidding when he says things like that, but Jemmye doesn't like it, but also sucks too much to say anything even though everyone has told her she really should. But she sucks, so she's not going to say anything. She and Ashlee decide to vounteer at the domestic abuse help center and the episode ends with Jemmiy crying. She also is crying throughout the episode. Oh, Knight told Mckenzie that he would break up with Jemmye in a second for her. I would too.

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