Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm one of the only 3 people in the world who is looking forward to Steve Carrell's departure.

As everyone knows, Steve Carrell's leaving the office after season 7. Most people are devastated. Also, most people are dumb. Don't get me wrong, up until season 6 I thought he, and the show, were great. And season 6 had some great episodes, but most of them sucked. (Also, Kathy Bates was hilarious.) There wasn't enough plot development in this past season and the show focused way too much on Jim and Pam, who are no longer interesting, or cute. I kept telling myself that their characters have evolved from the cute sexual tension couple into a boring married. That may be true, but it doesn't forgive the fact that they were still on the show WAY too much. What about Andy and Erin? That was a pretty great plot point that was murdered pretty quickly. Maybe they have something else planned for that. It simply didn't work out the first time they tried to get together, but that relationship still has potential, hopefully. I'm willing to forgive all of season 6 on account of the show was going through a lot of changes. The company was going bankrupt and was ultimately bought out by another company, Jim and Pam got pregnant and married, which is something that happens in real life and the show is presented as a documentary. Plus Steve Carrell was probably in contract talks for a lot of the season. The best part of season 6 came in the final season with Michael Scott talking to Kathy Bates' character, Jo. Michael jokingly asks Jo to bring Holly back to Scranton, and Jo says she'll see what she can do. With that, Mindy Kaling (Kelly) said: Michael Scott may be exiting The Office after next season, but he's gonna have an enjoyable time while he's still there.
“We set her return up in the finale, so it would be the biggest [cop-out] of all time if we didn’t [follow through] on it, She’s definitely coming back.” So, yeah! Holly was a great character. Here is what I think is going to happen:

1. Holly comes back to Scranton and season 7 is really sweet. Michael then quits, or retires or something like that so he leaves the show.

2. Michael goes to Nashua, where Holly works. We're introduced to an array of new characters. That are similar to the folks at Scranton, but different enough that it doesn't seem like a parody (a lot like Jim's departure to Stamford in season 3). The office in Nashua decides they don't want to be on the show and Michael stays there, despite not being on the show.

3. Holly comes back to Scranton after a few months together the two decide to go live in some remote area forever together.

4. Holly comes back and Michael dies at the end of the season.

Michael obviously can't retire because he's only in his mid 40's. I figure he'll either be transfered to a different branch, or corporate, or he'll finally do something so over-the-edge he'll be fired. A lot of people are saying they want Dwight to take over for Michael when he leaves. If it isn't him, it will be Jim. Maybe when Michael leaves, Holly will take over for him. She's basically the same character. She and Pam could have the relationship Michael and Jim had and she would develop a super intense crush on Kelly, as Michael did with Ryan. Maybe not. Maybe they'll bring someone else in. Maybe Karen? But probably not, since she's on Parks and Rec, but if Rashida Jones is written out of Parks and Rec in season 3, I'd love to see her character on the Office in season 8. If they're going to create a brand new character, I suggest Jeff Goldblum comes in and plays an incredibly eccentric boss. HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE!? By the way, the show is going to last more than 7 seasons. BJ Novak's contract goes through season 8. I don't know about anyone else, but he's still on board for season 8.

Most sitcoms of this caliber last 9 to 11 years. Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld, MASH, Fraiser, Everybody Loves Raymond, Married with Children. I'm still hopeful for this show. I've been watching it since the first episode of season one (which averaged 5.4 million viewers, versus 8.7 million for season 6).

Season 7 starts September 23.

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