Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's officially summer!

Persons Unknown has become some sort of summer project for me. Not really, it's just a show I'm mildly interested in. My tv summer project is watching Cheers (I'm already done with the first two seasons. It is SO GOOD!). Another summer project for me has to do with LOST. It came to me while I was mowing the lawn yesterday. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it is great AND time consuming! I'm also going to post a full summary of the entire show at some point this summer, unless I forget. So, Person's Unknown latest episode:

The show begins with our seven heroes digging a ditch under the town to escape. Whadyaknow?! It doesn't work! They hit a steel wall. AH NO! Naturally, Janet, the main character from the 70's, begins beating the STEEL WALL with a shovel. This works so well that she breaks the wall and they all leave and live happily ever after. Oh, wait, that doesn't happen. Actually, Janet begins beating the STEEL WALL and it's the most ineffective thing she's ever done, because it's a WALL MADE OF STEEL UNDERGROUND! darn. Then the steel wall opens with little slits, which Janet, naturally, tries to open farther and climb through. The wall then releases some sort of gas and they all rush out as the tunnel they've been building for a week collapses behind them. They're all safe, yeah! Even Janet! oh... well... good for her, i guess. Side note: some sort of sexual tension, romance something has been building with Janet (ugh) and Joe (you know, that guy she was supposed to kill). It's been building since the first episode (We're now in episode 3 of 13). It's been building so incredibly slowly. At this point in any other show the two of them would have at least flirted, but not these two. They just look at each other in the eyes for a really long time. The group decides to make a signal fire, BUT NOTHING BURNS IN THE TOWN! WHO WOULDA THUNK IT!? Everyone. Suddenly a helicopter flies over the town and they all start waving their arms, trying to get it's attention. The helicopter turns and looks to be landing in the street. Instead of landing and helping the people escape, it drops a box. WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! Remember that movie? Good movie. The box is opened to reveal... another box! That box has seven canisters in it. Each person opens a canister. Three of them have gas masks in them. The three people with the gas masks keep them. Janet, thinking she's important, is all "I have a daughter! I need a gas mask!" But they don't give her one. They convene and decide that people with masks pair up with those who don't have masks, because that makes sense. What about the person without a partner (because remember, there are seven people)? Sucks to be them. Ferris Bueller's best friend and the used car salesman team up and the used car salesman, Bill, sees in one of the TVs in the TV shoppe Ferris Bueller's friend, whose name is Charlie, which is easier to type than "Ferris Bueller's friend," smothering his wife. Charlie had been talking about how his wife was deathly ill. Bill realizes that it actually happened and hints at it whenever they are together. When the group is exploring the town for fun (?), Janet and Charlie get locked in a room in the back of the grocery store and gas starts pouring in through the vents. Charlie puts on his gas mask and Janet bangs at the door. They are released just in time. The group then meets in the hotel lobby to discuss what to do about the gas. (Eat less dairy? fart jokes!) Thing #1: Don't go indoors! No, that would make too much sense. So, they're all sitting there and the gas starts. Charlie and two others (I forgot who, it's unimportant.) put on the masks. Everyone else covers their mouths with surgical masks. Bill attacks Charlie and steals his mask to wear for himself. They soon realize that the gas from the hotel walls is nothing. Gas is then released inside the gas masks and whoever is wearing them is unable to take them off. Janet takes a knife and rips the glass parts off of all the masks so the people can breathe. All is good! right? Janet then goes to the grocery store and eats ice cream. Joe walks in and tries some of the ice cream. "Cherries Jubilee, my favorite. really." Then they're all like "Let's laugh together to signify the imminent relationship!" So they're eating the ice cream and Joe talks about how his dad used to take him down to the local ice cream shoppe and get some cherries jubilee after his little league games. His dad would then proceed to tell him about all the mistakes he had made in the game. Aaaawww! He's opening up to Janet! How sweet! Janet (I can't get over how lame a name that is) looks up and notices that the cute paintings of a girl and a woman eating ice cream are her mother and daughter. Freak out number 1!!!! Outside the town, the journalist (for a real, physical newspaper, HA!) who has been following the "Missing Mom" case is revealed to be the man who left Janet when she was pregnant! Freak out number 2!!!!

Other things that happened this week: Moira's still got the hots for Tori, the party girl. Tori is still seemingly oblivious.

The night manager was creepier than usual this week, but less beat up than last week.

Bill came on to Tori, but Tori was all "no way!" and hit him with a shopping cart.

NBC is apparently promoting "get healthy" or something by writing in next to their logo. It works just as well as when they turn their logo green for green week.

This episode was a significant improvement over the first two episodes.

Next week: One of them can't be trusted! Ooooh! Who is it?! The suspense is killing me! Not really, I'm still only mildly interested. If each episode improves as much as this one did compared to last, I'm really excited.

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