Thursday, March 4, 2010

Office Baby!

Office Baby! The Office Baby has finally arrived! On tonight's (last night's, since I'm writing this late and you'll be reading it even later) episode of The Office a baby was born! But not just any baby, Jim and Pam's baby! AW JIMANDPAM AW! As NBC knows, we LOVE the Jim and Pam storyline even though its become more and more uninteresting ever since they got engaged. But then they got married! JIM AND PAM! JIM AND PAM! Then they got all pregnant! JIM AND PAM! Then the baby was born! Office baby! Going into the episode I wasn't looking forward to it because I'm pretty annoyed by Jim and Pam. The tension is over, they're happily married and all is good for them. BUT, when the baby was born and Jim and Pam looked at it and they were so happy, I was happy. Because, as poor as this show has been this season, it has done a great job of forming relationships between characters and viewers. I remember being incredibly distraught at the end of season 2 when Jim finally told Pam his feelings. And I was happy for Jim when he got with Karen and I hate to admit it, but I was pleased with the proposal and their wedding on the maid of the mist. Their relationship is one of the best relationships between two characters in television history. Now that the office baby has been born, hopefully their relationship won't be such a focus of the show. Maybe Andy and Erin will be. In this episode Andy finally asked Erin out! yeah, that happened, NBC. (office baby!) The last new episode before the olympics was great if only for one single moment. Andy was getting his crotch sniffed by dogs and he looks over at Erin and awkwardly smiles at her, who awkwardly smiles back. That was great, it reminded me (and everyone else) of old Jim and Pam. I'm looking forward to this plot point. oh, also, Angela and Dwight are having sex again, with a contract. I like Dwight and Angela a lot too. They're pretty funny, so I'm looking forward to that in coming weeks. Hopefully the show doesn't suck anymore.

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