Sunday, February 28, 2010

(500) Days of summer; yeah, okay.

I finally watched (500) Days of summer today. The 500 is in parenthesis because its meant to be whispered. The movie kind of sparked the fire that was once my intense crush on Zooey Deschanel. Luckily nothing happened because of a Mr. Ben Gibbard. (FUED!) She is ridiculously cute in this movie and I hate it. She also sings, and is therefore cute and I therefore hate it. Joseph Gordon Levvitt also sings "Here Comes your Man" by Pixies at a Karaoke bar, because you know karaoke bars TOTALLY have songs by bands that aren't R. Kelly or The Spice Girls. Overall, I think I liked the movie. I think. A lot of parts of it were great. At one point Joseph Gordon Levvitt is walking down the street and begins dancing. The other people in the street begin dancing with him. But the camera doesn't view the scene as choreographed dance number, even though it was. The scene is shot as as just any other scene of some guy walking down the street. In another scene Joseph Gordon Levvitt's expectations of a party and his reality of the party are shown simultaneously using split screen. Naturally, his expectations go much better than his reality. Eventually his reality pushes his expectations off screen and Joseph Gordon Levvitt's character is pitiful and he is pitied. But part of me just doesn't like this movie. The story is told in a very strange manner. It starts with day 500, Joseph Gordon Levvitt is braking plates because he and Summer are over. Then it jumps to day one as the story is told. But it jumps from days in the 290s to days in the 30s, which at the beginning correlate. But near the middle of the movie the jumps make no sense. You're not Quentin Tarintino! You can't do that! Stylistically, I thought it was good and I thought story was pretty good, so I guess I liked it. Thanks, psychologist blog post, you've helped me realize, I did actually enjoy (500) Days of Summer.

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