Friday, March 5, 2010

The Marriage Ref is not actually the worst thing ever

During the winter olympics NBC promoted The Marriage Ref like it was The Office Baby. I watched the first episode and was amused. I wasn't by any means impressed but the show exceeded my expectations, which were "I'MJERRRYSEINFELD! REMEMBERSEINFELD! MARRIEDPEOPLEFUNNY!" When people are dumb they talk in all caps and don't use spaces. BUt it wasn't that. Instead it was just major celebrities talking and laughing a lot. I'm not too intersted in Kelly Ripa or Jerry Seinfeld when he isn't in the 1990s, and Alec Baldwin, as much as I do like him, is pretty much just a fatter, older George Clooney. I really like the idea of the show, well not so much the show as the idea of celebrities getting together. Usually when shows try to get a lot of celebrities together they just end up being lame people from the 90s (That was two decades ago!). Example: Every show ever. But the three judges are actually big names! Kelly Ripa! She's done stuff! Hopefully the show gets better. Tina Fey was on the second episode, and she's funny, but I haven't watched that yet, but hopefully.

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