Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Marriage Ref might actually be the worst thing ever.

I watched the latest episode of The Marriage Ref, the one with Tina Fey, the one I was actually looking forward to. Instead of finding hilarious and the best I wanted to punch Tom Papa right in his stupid face. The point of the show is to give arguing couples a winner with the help of A-List celebrities, and Jerry Seinfeld, who has somehow still been able to hold on to his Seinfeld fame 12 years later. Jerry Seinfeld is a producer of the show, and has been on both episodes of The Marriage Ref so far as part of "The Panel," which tells me they actually can't get big names. The host might as well be Jerry Seinfeld. Tom Papa sucks. He thinks he's a lot funnier than he actually is, as does the rest of the show. Jerry Seinfeld would make a much better host. He is a well known person, and is funny. Tom Papa is not so funny and tries to make up for it by swinging his arms around and speaking loudly. The jokes are like Jay Leno jokes, not funny and predictable. Most of the jokes made are just mocking how someone speaks, which is ALWAYS hilarious! I really wanted to see Tina Fey because she's funny and a good writer, which apparently means nothing on The Marriage Ref, as the panel doesn't come up with the jokes on their own, on the spot, as the advertisements would like you to believe. After the panel makes their bad Jay Leno jokes Tom Papa calls upon the couple, who is on satellite. Whenever he brings them on the show he says "Now let's see the ACTUAL couple in their ACTUAL home." As if we didn't believe the people were real, so emphasizing "actual" will convince us. He should concentrate more on convincing us he's funny, by making good jokes. I may be the only one, but I think the premise of the show is great. Maybe its because I like game shows and celebrities quipping. But that isn't what the show is actually like. Instead they take a couple who could be the parents in any sitcom (hot mom, dopey dad) and give amusing celebrities less than amusing jokes. I really want this show to be good. I think it has real potential. But it won't make it an entire season. Then we'll have to put up with The Jay Leno show at 10 and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 11:35. ugh. NBC, ugh.

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Mercedes said...

I completely agree that Tom sucks. This show could be amazing with the right host. Who actually thinks this guy is funny? I end almost every show with the thought of how great it would be to punch him in the face.