Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Basement Affair finale!

Now, I know I haven't been posting much about VH1's latest, greatest reality show, but after what happened with "Megan Wants a Millionaire" I'm having a hard time letting a new VH1 reality show into my life. But last night was the season finale of "Frank the Entertainer in A Basement Affair." yep, that's the title. I preferred the working title "Entertainer of Love," because that's clever and original. If you haven't been watching (which I know you haven't) here's what the show is about: Frank the Entertainer, from such hit shows as "I Love New York" and "I Love Money" and "I Love Money 2," now has his own show. on VH1! (Very Herp-tastic 1!) "A Basement Affair" is just like any other VH1 reality show. A number of people vying for the love of one person in a lavish mansion that is always the same mansion. but wait! In this series the contest takes place in Frank's parent's house!! OMG TWIST OMG!!! Also, LOL frank lives in the basement lol!! "We're VH1 and we're going to mention that whenever possible because it's soooo funny!" That's what VH1 sounds like. This show has been on for a few months now and I've only watched one full episode (sorry, VH1!) But now the finale. huzzah!

It's down to three girls. As his mom said "Hopefully Frank will find love with one of these girls, and hopefully he'll get OUT of my BASEMENT!" LOLbasementLOL! Unfortunately, I can't find a video of the theme song, but it is worth watching. Felecia, Kerry and Kathy are left. This is the hardest decision Frank the Entertainer is ever going to have to make. Frank the Entertainer woke up at 2:30 PM then started screaming "WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!" or at least that's what the editors want you to think. ugh. this show might be the worst VH1 show ever. Frank the Entertainer's mom just came out to the girls who were sitting on the porch and lectured them on not breaking her son's heart. Then one of the girls started crying, then Felecia left. WHAT?! Maybe I should have actually watched this show. Oh, It's Cathy with a C, she's not a 60 year old woman, Jake! sorry. yep. This show is the worst. Frank the Entertainer was on a sailboat and screamed "I'm King of the world!" Kerry and Cathy are hanging out while Frank the Entertainer is busy being in a James Cameron movie. When he comes back he realizes the two are good friends and says "oh man, this could be a really messy love triangle, or the best threesome ever!" yeah! I'm so glad this is VH1 programming instead of that shitty Rockdocs stuff. Wasn't that the worst? with all of it's interesting music knowledge. I'm so glad we'll never again have to hear about John and Yoko or watch tributes to the Who, god I hated that. This is so much better. Please, Frank the Entertainer, talk more. This show is just like every other show ever, much like this blog post. Now, after the boat ride they go to a hotel! What?! No way! Okay, I can't stand this anymore. I'm skipping to the end. I don't know why I hate this show so much more than the other ones, but I do. They are now in central park and Frank the Entertainer feels sick. He's trying to talk to the girls and the entire time his mom is yelling at him about how cold she is. It's great. She's the best part of the show. She's like New York's Klingon mom, but not a Klingon. He just talks and talks and talks. No one cares Frank the Entertainer. He picked Kerry, alright great. Can we get to the Mr. Boston show now? please! or at least Daisy of Love 2.

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