Monday, August 10, 2009

Do you hear that? That's the sound of another fantastic episode of Megan Wants a Millionaire!

Last night premiered the second episode of Megan wants a millionaire and as the title of this post suggests, it was fantastic. The challenge in this episode was a "talent show" and by talent show I mean Megan gets gifts. I have a feeling every challenge will just be Megan getting gifts. Every VH1 show has this episode. In the Daisy of Love version Flipper rapped and then hit himself over the head with a bottle, because he's smart. Watching that video again made me realize two things. One: Cable Guy is really cool. Two: I hated that show. So on Megan wants a millionaire (which I love) the guys had to impress Megan with all their money, which isn't much of a challenge. Some of the "best" were Punisher's gift, in which he danced around in a leather thong because he's a millionaire stripper. Apparently it's impossible to have a VH1 show without a stripper. Al, who you remember from the first episode as the guy who had "Dog Jaw," redeemed himself with this challenge by getting Megan $8,000 to a Plastic Surgery place in Florida. petty cash. "Big Mike" (not to be confused with Crazy Mike from Daisy of Love) has "connections" and had a guy he knows make Megan a dress. They make Big Mike seem like a mob boss. He probably isn't, but that would be a cool twist. An even cooler twist would be if all of the contestants were actually dead! M! Night Shyamalan! I'm pretty sure that won't happen though. Joe, the trust fund baby who totally isn't gay, promise!, gave Megan a bikini that said "Trophy Wife" but it was written in crayon. My personal "favorite" was Garth who had been writing a song for Megan for the last two years called "Sex Mode" I'll let you imagine what the songs sounds like (It isn't good, I'll give you that.) The weirdest part of his performance wasn't the song, it was the fact that Garth played his song on a 13 year-old girl's boom-box and just kind of glided around the room and lip-synced to his own song. Garth is my least favorite. His hair is really greasy and he always has this weird smirk on his face. When he's not wearing his suit he's wearing a red and yellow jump suit. He's a very strange person. Anyway, Garth feels really good about his song. He's pretty sure he's going to win. He lost. Al, Big Mike and Shaun (who let Megan and her friends eat Sushi off of him) won. Garth mad! Garth s'pos'd to win! Garth confront Megan! Also, his eyes are really shifty and they creep me out. Garth goes to Megan's room and is all like "What up with that?" and Megan's all like "What do you mean?" and Garth's all like "I worked two years on that song!" and Megan's all like "sorry." Garth mad! Elsewhere, Al, Big Mike and Shaun are being told that they can "enhance the date" by buying Megan more things. Big Mike says he's got something else up his sleeve. He's got connections. Shaun and Al decide to buy all three gifts, a dozen roses, a bracelet and a coat, and split the cost. But Shaun's credit card doesn't work! OH NO! So Al pays for all of the gifts and Shaun said he'd pay him back (Spoiler: He doesn't!) Megan is hanging out with the other guys when Garth comes up and is all like "UHHHH I'm really stupid and annoying so I'm quitting! *mouth faaarrrt*" I'm paraphrasing, slightly. But Megan won't have it so she and Garth go back to her room and she persuades him to stay. She tells him he didn't win because she wanted something more romantic, so he begins reciting the lines of "Sex Mode" more sensually. It made me uncomfortable. He then says something awful like "Gimme some sugar." ugh. I'm so glad he was eliminated. oops. I wasn't supposed to say that! Megan puts her lips as close to Garth's without kissing him and darts back saying, "You'll get a kiss when you deserve a kiss" and walks away. Megan is probably the best person to have her own show on VH1 ever. After the odd conversation with Garth Megan goes on her date with the three guys and nothing very interesting happens. Before elimination Joe, the not gay (promise!) trust fund baby, kinda-sorta makes out with Megan's dog. But the dog started it! kind of. Megan says "My Dog is getting more action than me!" At elimination Al gets the first is called up first, which is important in VH1 shows. Everyone else except Joe, Shaun, and Garth is told their "credit is good". Megan calls Garth up and cuts his card in half and says something awesome. Then she calls Shaun up and cuts his card in half. Then she calls Joe, the not gay (promise!) trust fund baby up and is going to cut his card in half. But Joe is all like "I'll step it up!" So she gives him his card back. It's still too early to pick a winner, but Al 00 Dave and Big Mike are looking good.


Jacquie said...

since you hate garth so much lol, im pretty sure you can see him momentarily on celebrity rehab season 1 episode 4 where he goes to a bbq and sings sex mode for the recovering porn stars!!! lol hes so played out with the ed hardy from head to toe... im glad hes gone

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