Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yet another reason to hate the "pinhead" that is Glenn Beck

I don't like Glenn Beck. I've mentioned this before on KoolThingzzz. Recently he freaked out on a woman who asked him how he would fix healthcare. Well, he was on Bill O'Reily's show a few days ago explaining why he exploded on her. "Dude, you've got some Glenn Beck on you." This is the video:
That certainly cleared things up. Oh wait, no it didn't. That just made me hate Glenn Beck more. His reasoning is not logical. He said he didn't wan to talk to her about healthcare because she was a pinhead and didn't listen to his show. He then says if she wanted to have a conversation about healthcare he'd be more than happy to talk to here. It sounded like she wanted to talk about healthcare, what with her saying, "How would you fix healthcare?" and his answer was "Get off my phone!" Another reason to hate Glenn Beck? He said Obama was a racist, then he said Obama doesn't have a problem with white people 75 seconds later. The next day on his radio show he said, "Yesterday I said the President was a racist, and I stand by that statement." (from the daily show)

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