Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who is this generation's Molly Ringwald?

If you haven't seen this video by now, you should see this video now.

I was watching this video, ya see, and I thought "Molly Ringwald was such an icon in the 80s and she's still remembered for those teen movies everyone seems to love. Who is our Molly Ringwald?"
She was a teenager when she was in all those John Hughes movies. The only big teenager I could think of is Miley Cyrus, boo. But, Miley Cyrus can't be this generation's Molly Ringwald. Molly Ringwald is still remembered 25 years later for her work in the 80s. Miley Cyrus probably won't be remembered in five years. So it isn't her.
Molly Ringwald was also very pretty (not so sure about now, have you seen her wikipedia page?). Emma Watson is very pretty and was a teenager for most of the Harry Potter series, she has the best shot at being this generation's Molly Ringwald, but she's a brit, and we don't like the brits. (see: Revolutionary War, and be sure not to look at anything else in history.)
There is James Franco, who isn't a teenager or a girl. But he's very pretty, ask any teenage girl. He is a very good actor and will (probably) be remembered for years to come, and he has links to super-producer Judd Appatow. But he isn't known for Judd Appatow work, like Molly Ringwald and John Hughes.
Speaking of Judd Appatow, I can't just not mention Seth Rogen in a post about our generation. He isn't a teenager, a girl or pretty. But, if it weren't for Judd Appatow he would still be stuck in his mom's basement, which is where I assume he lived before his fame, because, I mean, just look at him.
Ellen Page seems like an obvious candidate, teenager (sort of), girl, very pretty, known for her work as Juno. The problem is, she is only known for Juno and Juno is a "big fat greek movie" (a phrase I just invented). A big fat greek movie is a small indie movie that blows up and everyone seems to love, but is mostly forgotten about a year or two later and only the name is remembered. E.G. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", "Napoleon Dynamite", "Juno". There is one of these movies almost every year. As talented as Ellen Page is, she isn't going to become a huge star.
While writing about how Ellen Page doesn't get the coveted "This generation's Molly Ringwald Award" I may have found the winner. He goes by the name Michael Cera, and he is great. Michael Cera first emerged as George Michael on Arrested Development and then became a huge star in Superbad and Juno and will be soon be staring in Year One and Paper Heart, not to mention the Arrested Development movie next year/whenever they get around to it. Michael Cera has all the Molly Ringwald qualities, except he isn't a girl. Also, he isn't known for one person's projects. But I still grant him the winner.

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