Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hi, Mom! There are some things you should know.

While surfing the web, as I do, I stumbled upon a twitter page, completely by accident. It was ?uestlove's, if you care. I looked at the top of the page and noticed a button that said "sign out", apparently I was still signed in from when I made a twitter months ago. I looked at some of my "friends" updates, Doug Benson said some funny things, so did Michael Ian Black. So, What's the point of all this? I was on infoMania's page (which is on tonight, I suggest you watch. It's like the Soup, but better!) and they had posted a link to "My Fox Atlanta's" site, in which "My Fox Atlanta" had posted the 50 internet acronyms parents should know.

My favorites are 1337 is an acronym for "Elite", in what context would that be used? "Oh, girl, I like you so much better than all those other girls. You are 1337." I also like that PRON is an acronym for Porn. Actually, My Fox Atlanta, that's an anagram.

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