Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have RLS syndrome: Reallylike LOST syndrome... syndrome.

I have 35 minutes until Thursday night done alright, and I have to do an entire LOST recap (and by entire, I mean some parts that I liked, and parts that were DUMB in the FACE!)

Here's what happened (like Monk always says. I like Monk.):

Charlotte's dead! Huzzah! She was such a terrible character and kept Faraday from his awesomeness. (Note: firefox considers awesomeness a word (ironic note: but not firefox.))
Faraday is getting water from a river, and you must remember, this island is magic. He pours the water on Charlotte's face, even though it's quite obvious here brain exploded. She wakes up (NOOO!!!) and says "Who are you? (YES!!!! She's crazy!) "I'm Daniel" "Oh, OK." WHAT?! She just remembers him by his name?!?! What is that?1 You should be dead Charlotte! DEAD!

The people who are still on the island, let's call them islanders, the islanders decide to walk back to the beach to get the Zodiac raft to get to the Orchid station to get Locke off the island to get the O6 back ON the island to stop the time travel and make everything better. They see the light from when Locke was pounding on the hatch from years ago. Locke and Sawyer are all, "WHaAAaAAAaaa?!?" because that's how they talk. Daniel: "Do you know when we are?" (UGH!) This is so stupid, we get they're time traveling, we've also been paying attention since the beginning. Faraday will figure it out eventually, he's a sarmt guy. The islanders hear screaming, Sawyer investigates. Claire is giving birth to Aaron on that rock Claire gave birth to Aaron on. WHOADUDE!!! Who knew this was going to happen?!? Everyone. Everyone knew this was going to happen. Eventually, Sawyer tells Juliette (or as my dad continues to call her, Julia.) what he saw. Juliette consoles him, because he likes Kate... 's ass. Juliette comforts him and acts like she's been there since the beginning. No you haven't! You BITCH! SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, NO ONE LIKES YOU!! Actually, quite a few people like her, I'm not a fan.

At the beach the islanders find the beach, but no zodiac raft! OH NOES!!!! Luckily, they find a canoe, of sorts. They get in that to get to the Orchid station to get Locke off the island to get the O6 back ON the island to stop the time travel and make everything better. Then they get shot at by "other others" as Sawyer called them. They time travel again, just in the nick of time! How coincidental!?!

Off the island Kate's freaking out about the blood test, she catches her lawyer talking to Claire's grandma and thinks it was her who ordered the blood test. It wasn't.

Sayid is in the hospital and some guy comes in and says he has his meds. Instead he has a gun, full of poisonous darts. Sayid does something very Sayidesque and doesn't get shot. (YEAH!)

After a while, Kate, Jack, Sayid meet Ben on a pier. Sun is (maybe) behind some bushes in her car. She looks as intense as she can. Aaron looks passed out drunk in her backseat. I hope he's dead, that kid wishes he could be as awesome as Charlie (Desmond's kid, and the rockstar, and even Charles, penny's dad.)

Back on the island, some french people come across a man on a plank of wood. 'Tis Jin! He's alive! They bring him back to the beach and we find out one of the french women is preggers! It's "Danielle! Danielle Rousseau!" Who saw that coming?! I did. and probably a lot of other people.

Off the island, Kate realizes Ben was the one who ordered the blood test. Jack tries t calm her, but Ben says "No. She's right. It was me." Ben = best.

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