Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is the worst thing you may ever see.

Remember how much I hated Tin Man? Tin Man looks like Shakespeare compared to this.

I saw this and was laughing, because I thought it was a joke, then I realized it wasn't a joke and cried a little. Then I saw it has become somewhat popular, and I cried more, on the inside.

This is where Stanky Legg fits into the scale.


(Something much worse than HSM)
(Something worse than HSM)
High School Musical
Jet's "Are you gonna be my Girl"
Cell phones
Under The Influence of Giants
Season 2 of LOST
The Sims
Aviator sunglasses
Tokyo Police Club
Samuel L. Jackson
Teddy Roosevelt/Bruce Campbell


Thom said...

"Is Dis hot or not?"

No. Not it is not.

Jess said...

That just about gave me a stanky legg.