Saturday, December 20, 2008

What's the biggest problem with blankets? They slip AND slide!

I've seen this commercial a lot. And I can't stand it. But, it does bring up a good point... What if you need to answer your phone, or pick up your dog, or roast a marshmallow by the fire (because, even though your sitting next to a fire, you're still a little chilled.)? You can't just MOVE the blanket like a rational person. You need sleeves! And the snuggie solves that problem. Now you can do anything you want with your hands! ANYTHING! EVEN HIGH FIVE! I really like the fact that, when the voice over says "Your hands are trapped!" The woman easily takes the blanket off and picks up the phone.

The best part about the snuggie is you look just like a KKK member, but colored! (get it?)

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