Monday, December 22, 2008

Channeling Die Hard 4

I just saw the trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine and I have to say, "Is this what I liked eight years ago?" I've determined I've grown as a movie-going person. The original X-men was pretty good, the second one was better than the first, and the third one was, at best, laughable. Now we have the origin of Wolverine.

I didn't grow up reading comic books, I wasn't that generation. My dad, however was, and he often tells me Wolverine wasn't the main character. If you haven't noticed, Wolverine is the main character in the movies. So here is his origin: He was in the civil war, and also WWII (because he can regenerate?) , then he went into a dunk tank in a time where everyone was younger except him, and said "I want to be called Wolverine" Then he meets Über-gay Gambit. Then Wolverine jumps from a tank to helicopter! (WHAT?!?!) Yes, Wolverine jumps from a TANK to a HELICOPTER!

Don't believe me? See for yourself:

SEE?!?! I told you!!! Also, doesn't Gambit look awesome (and gay) I think Gambit was on Pimp my mutant.
EDIT: What is Rahm Emanuel doing talking to WOLVERINE!?


Jess said...

Gambit looks like he could be a member of Panic at the Disco.

Thom said...

I'm confused by this whole Gambit thing. Isn't he one of the X-men? Why is he fighting Wolverine? Also, this movie = will suck.