Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a conundrum.

Across the Universe IS the worst movie I've ever seen. High School Musical is just as terrible.
With High School Musical... there have been 3 High School Musicals. THREE!
However, I am dubbing Across the Universe LESS kool than High School Musical.
Reason: Across the Universe had potential. High School Musical is like Kidz Bop,* in the fact that both were created for specific group, and each succeeded in that age group.

*note: Kidz Bop shall now be referred to as Kids Bop. It is not kool enough to use a Z in place of an S.

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Thom said...

You make one of the best points ever with the z vs. s thing on Kids' Bop. Also, I try to tell people to hate a bit less on HSM, Hannah Montana and The Jonas Bros., simply because they're created for little girls. It's for younger kids. It's totally OK to make fun of older people that like that stuff, though. Anyway, Across the Universe was made for teens and adults, but was still the worst.