Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PR wordz (Another post about Across the universe.)

As much as I despise Across the Universe, I despise the character of Prudence even more. She is a completely superfluous character. Her name is stupid and I can't tell if she's a lesbian or not. Porridge seems to be depressed because the cheerleaders won't hold her hand (Probably because she has GROSS melanoma, I wouldn't hold that hand either, nor would I hold the other one). Then again, she might also be depressed because the dancing football players won't hold her GROSS melanoma hand. Pretense decides that, instead of pursuing the girl/boy she loves, she should hitchhike to New York. Because your insecurities can't find you in NYC. right? wrong, partridge, wrong! Participle realizes she's wrong after scaling the brick wall and finding she's in love with "Jimi Hendrix" or maybe "Janis Joplin." One of the superfluous characters asks another superfluous character (hint: ALL characters are superfluous.) If "Janis" knows. The other one shakes his head. Then "Hendrix" and "Janis" are dancing. This is the extent of of Parasol's love interest.

Beatles version:

Across The Universe version:

Two of my favorite Beatles songs are Across the Universe and Helter Skelter. Are they chanting "fight!" Because that'd be terrible.

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