Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay, seriously, this is the last Across the Universe Thing I'm Doing

To all the Beatles' fans that think they have to defend the movie because it's Beatles-centric. You don't. I love the Who. They were my favorite band for the longest time, and still are a top 5 favorite. I hate the movie Tommy. I hate it. I hate what it did to the songs I love. I couldn't listen to the album for about a month because of what they did to it. They had a bunch of flashy pop stars cover songs that were brilliant the way they were. Sound familiar? If you want to watch a Beatles' film, watch one of the ones they were actually involved in. Sure, they're campy, but they're also harmless and actually sanctioned by the whole band. Plus, no one else did their music in it. That's why the Who's Quadrophenia movie was great. It put the plot first and stuck the actual album cuts into the mix. It was a film first and a music experience second. Plus, it had Sting in it! Not crappy new age Sting, but Police era Sting! This wasn't your Dad's Sting... oh, wait. It was. Anyway, it was actually good. Here's the trailer:

This is what Across the Universe could've been if any fucking competant writer was involved. Shame on you, Across the Universe. Shame on you. At least I don't have to worry about Hollywood bastardizing the Kinks. Hopefully... (Please, Hollywood, don't make an Arthur or Village Green Preservation Society Movie!)

Okay. Done now...


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