Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who should win Survivor?

This season's twist was Redemption Island. The idea was, once someone is voted out they are sent to Redemption Island. The two outcasts would then duel. Eventually, someone would be put back in the game. Matt was sent to RI very early on in the season. He defeated everyone up to the merge, at which point he was put back in the game. He then came up with this plan to get Bawston Rawb out. He then decided he was too loyal and told Rob about the plan and aligned himself with Rob. Rob then decided to get his entire alliance to turn against Matt and send him back to RI. Rob's plan was successful. Matt has been on Redemption Island ever since. So who's left?



This is his 4th time on the show. He first was on in the fourth season, aka "Old School Survivor." He was later on Survivor: All Stars and Heroes vs. Villains. He is very well liked and is probably the favorite to win. Unfortunately for him, he ahs made an alliance with almost anyone on the show, as well as everyone still on the island. The reason Russell lost in his first two seasons was because the jury was spiteful. That is probably what's going to happen to Rob if he makes it to the finals.


Phillip is the resident crazy person. At one point in the show, someone called him crazy and Phillip accused him of being racist. But he wasn't being racist, Phillip is just crazy. He says that if he makes it to the finals, he has a fool-proof plan to beat Rob. I really hope he wins, or at least makes it to the finals because he is great.


Natalie is 19 years old and Rob's closest alliance. He's promised to take her to the final two, and has stuck by his word throughout the game. She hasn't pissed anyone off too much, so she might win. But, she's also uninteresting.


Ashley is the other girl in the game. She was going to be voted out in the last episode, but won immunity. She is also fairly uninteresting, but won't win because no one really cares about her.



Grant was voted out because Ashley won immunity. If he makes it back in the game, he has a pretty good chance of winning.


Matt has spent a majority of the game on redemption island. Everyone was rooting for him in the first half of the season when he was defeating everyone. When he came back into the game only to allow Rob to vote him out again. I really hope he doesn't get back in the game. He does not deserve to win. He was voted out twice, has done nothing strategic, and simply skated his way through the game.


Andrea is going to lose the next RI duel or whatever. I'm not too concerned about her.


Mike was a victim of Rob's takeover. He is the last person from the Zapatera tribe. There was nothing he could do to avoid getting voted out and can now only hope he wins the probably final duel (and any subsequent duels).

I have no idea how they are going to wrap this up. There are eight people left only two hours left of show. The finale airs tonight at 8 on CBS.

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