Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brief Turtleneck & Chain Track by Track review

1. We're Back!

Obviously great. So funny and great. Need I say more?

2. Mama

The one problem with Lonely Island is sometimes they can't keep sketches from songs and vice versa. This song would make a really funny sketch, but as a song, it's kind of boring.

3. I Just Had Sex

One great thing Lonely Island does is get really big music stars to make these stupid songs. Akon shines, as does Lonely Island.

4. Jack Sparrow

Such a great idea for a song that is very well executed.

5. Attracted To Us

The music in this song is kind of annoying, but the lyrics are hilarious.

6. Rocky

This sounds kind of like what would happen if Flight of the Concords did a Beastie Boys song, which is basically what The Lonely Island is. I really like how this song tells a story.

7. My Mic (interlude)

Really basic, really funny.

8. Turtleneck & Chain

Title track! Snoop Dogg! Greatness!

9. Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde

Shy Ronnie has always been great. Rihanna is also really cool. Yeah! This song!

10. Trouble on Dookie Island

From what I could gather, they are running from the cops, and also they are pooping a lot. Great concept! Great song!

11. Falcor Vs. Atreyu (Classy Skit #1)

Good skit. right?

12. Motherlover

Justin Timberlake is amazing. Justin Timberlake hasn't put out an album in 5 years. Since then he has been featured on two Lonely Island songs. Maybe he should get back to making his own music, because it is also good.

13. The Creep

When this premiered on SNL a few months ago I thought it was really funny. But listening to the song, I was really bored. So much of this song relies on the visual gags, which is obviously absent in the song.

14. Watch Me Do Me (Classy Skit #2)

Also, very classy.

15. Threw it on the Ground

This reminds me of "Punching People in the Face while Eating," which was great. It's probably the funniest song so far on the album.

16. Japan

When I saw this song was called "Japan" I thought "I wonder how racist this will be?" Actually, not very. I also thought "How funny is this going to be?" Very. I really hope they make a video for this.

17. After Party

Obviously this song is great, as it begins with a reference to Remix to Ignition, which is probably the best song ever. It also does something Lonely Island is great at. They make these songs that sound really hardcore, but the lyrics are really depressing.

18. No Homo

Great satire of a really stupid phrase.

19. No Homo (outro)

Completely unnecessary? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

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