Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The ultimate guide to podcasts worth listening to

The original plan of this post was to shame you into watching Parenthood, but then I decided to make a list of Podcast's you should listen to instead. You should still watch Parenthood though. Dedicate all of your free time this week to catching up. New episode a week from tonight. But Jake, can't you just write two posts? Shut up, this ain't yo' blog!

Comedy Death Ray Radio: Hosted by Scott Aukerman (or Hot Saucermann or a number of other fictional names), Comedy Death Ray is about an hour and a half, weekly show. Scott Aukerman welcomes comedians and actors to his show as well as a number of hilarious characters. New episodes: Mondays. ~90 minutes

Doug Loves Movies: Previously called "I Love Movies," Doug Benson brings three friends to the UCB theater in LA to talk about movies and play the most fun game ever "The Len Maltin game" New episodes: Fridays ~45 minutes

How Did This Get Made?: Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukos talk about their favorite bad movies every other week. New episodes: Tuesdays ~30 minutes

Kool Thingzz Podcast: This is our podcast! It's two podcasts in one! The Kool Thingzzz podcast, which is JakenThom (and sometimes others) discussing pop culture and whatnot. PLUS, the regularly produced Bad Movie Night, in which JakenThom bring on their friends to talk about (hopefully) laughably bad movies. (We are always accepting requests to be on and movie suggestions. Hit us up on facebook/twitter/tumblr/blogger!) New episodes: Tuesdays, or wednesdays if we forget to upload them. ~however long we feel like it (probably 30 - 60 minutes, but no guarantees)

Mike Detective: An episodic podcast! Mike Detective is an "unlicensed, uninsured private eye." He is currently on a mission to solve a missing persons case. The show is full of pop culture references. One episode was almost entirely U2 references. New episodes: Tuesdays ~7 minutes

The Nerdist: Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira talk about themselves and interview comedians/actors/artists and are great in every way! New episodes: w/ guests: mondays, hostful: fridays ~60 minutes

The Pod F. Tompkast: Paul F Tompkins puts on more or less a variety show. He opens each show with him rambling over serene piano. He plays parts of this live show in LA, has conversations with Jen Kirkman and does sketches with his impressions. It may be my favorite podcast, maybe! new episodes: first of each month ~60-90 minutes

Sklarbro Country: Jason and Randy Sklar host yet ANOTHER earwolf podcast. This one's about sports, but has a very similar tone as Comedy Death Ray and Nerdist. New episodes: fridays ~80 minutes

Too Beautiful to Live: I wrote a big long piece about how much I loved this show a couple weeks ago. Basically, Luke Burbank and Jen Andrews (and sometimes Sean Detore) talk about their lives and the news and pop culture and it's really nice and inviting.

I know Thomas also listens to quite a few of these, but also some others that I don't listen to. Maybe he'll post his later, maybe not. Who knows? We don't talk.

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