Thursday, March 24, 2011

The only reason The Real World exists is for drunken rampages, and I am okay with that!

As you recall, Adam is a terrible drunk person and also a major douche. He likes to smash things when he's drunk. It's cool though. He and Naomi, who you may remember from the first two episodes as being nearly non-existant, go down to the club. Adam gets super-drunk again and takes his shirt off. He hijacks the dj booth and is escorted out of the club. Yeah! This again! He comes home and hears Leroy talking about him. Leroy is saying things like "Adam only cares about himself" and "He doesn't care at all what he does." Adam hears him talking and decides the logical solution is to throw a beer bottle on the floor. You're a good person! Leroy and Adam nearly get in a fight, but Leroy walks away. Adam obviously won that confrontation. The roommates get their assignment the next day. They are working with the casino! The same casino they live in, which is also the same casino they party in. No big deal, they totally didn't get the worst location in Real World history. That would be Chicago, I hope you guys enjoy your 6.9 square miles of Lake Michigan! Just kidding, I like Chicago. Their first task is to help Carey Hart, the former Mr. P!nk, with some motorcross thing. Whatever, uninteresting. Leroy and Adam were put on a team together, or something. I just know neither of them were happy about it. Adam may have gotten drunk again, or maybe this was the first time he got drunk, either way, he finally opens up to Nany about being in Juvie, Juvy? Juvy. She's is so glad he finally opened up, but still wants him to talk to everyone else. The next morning, Mike, aka Mike mike, is talking to Adam and Leroy about how his parents went to jail when he was really young. Adam relates to Mike mike and tells him about his time in juvy. Leroy doesn't care though. He still finds Adam rude and obnoxious. That night, while Adam is drunk, Leroy is doing a confessional. Adam comes to the door and wants to talk to him. Adam tries to explain himself, but Leroy's still upset. The next day they have a good talk and are bros again. Oh, also, Dustin and Heather finally had sex. So, there's that.

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