Friday, January 14, 2011

My mom's take on Jersey Shore

Last night my mom watched Jersey Shore. Fun times. I tried recording the entire thing, but my iPod stopped recording after 22 minutes. But, I did get some good quotes.

During the fight in the beginning of the fight my mom asked about Snooki: "Where's her poofy?!"

"What's that? Their deck? That's a cool looking deck!"

"Do these people have jobs or anything?"

Seven minutes into the episode my mom started yawning.

"All the girls kinda look the same to me and all the boys kind of look the same to me."

"Why are they going tanning? It's a beautiful day out."

"I'm trying to figure it out. They don't do anything but party and fight. Where's the substance?"

"Why do they have suitcases? Don't they have dressers?"

"That's a dumb phone. It has a duck on it."

"Here's what I wonder, What do their parents think of this?"

"Would you say Snooki's a normal person? ... She's not.''

"They're not attractive now, but when they get to be my age..."

"Do they do anything but tan?"

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