Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Snooki

Two episodes of Jersey Shore in one week should happen every week. This episode continues the theme of this season, which is greatness. As you well remember, Snooki was arrested in Monday's episode for "drunken public intoxication," as Deena and J-Woww put it. But fret not! After a quick rehashing of the last episode Snooki is released from jail. Huzzah! I don't know how I would have liked this episode if Snooki wasn't in it. As if Snooki getting out of jail wasn't enough drama for one episode, J-Woww and her boyfriend Tom are on the rocks. Yeesh. While they fight over the phone, J-Woww is becoming more attracted to this guy named Roger. She promises herself (and us!) that she won't do anything with him until she breaks up with Tom, which is only a matter of time. MEANWHILE, MVP goes to the club with Deena. MVPD night! Woo! Deena takes a body shot/makes out with this girl at the club. You know, normal shore stuff. Then Deena meets this guy who looks exactly like Ronnie! OMG!!! He doesn't look exactly like Ronnie, but according to my mom "All the boys look the same" and this guy does look more like Ronnie than he does anyone else. Naturally, they take him home. All the guys call him Ronnie, even though his name is Dean. They take him into the confessional and pretend he's Ronnie. They bring him up to Ronnie and Sammi's room and ye;; "HEY RONNIE! LOOK! SAMMI! THIS IS YOUR BOYFRIEND! YOU GUYS LOOK!" Ronnie looks up. By the way, the lights are off in the room so no one can really see anything. Ronnie looks up and says "Is that Dean?" and everyone yells "Oh my god! They know each other!" Then Sammi opens her stupid mouth and says "His girlfriend's name is Sam too." NoooOOOooOooOOO!!!! He was supposed to hook up with Deena tonight. Their couple name was going to be DEANA! Get it!? I just thought of that on the spot! So all the guys leave Sammi and Ronnie to their boring person nap and go downstairs. They ask Dean if he has a girlfriend and he says yeah, but you know "it happens." Whatever that means. So, he and Deena get in the hot tub, more like HAWT TUB! Amirite? Inside Pauly and Vinny see DEANA making out in the hot tub and talk about how they should write an anonymous note to Dean's girlfriend. It's really funny. Pauly and Vinny are the best part of this show, and that should be mentioned whenever they are together. As for J-Woww, she and Tom break up over the phone. A little later J-Woww's dad calls her and tells her that Tom left her dogs to fend for themselves. She and Snooki drive to her house and save her dogs. Yeah! The dogs are ok! Snooki's goes upstairs to the bathroom and finds that J-Woww's bed is gone. LOL! They look around her house and find that a bunch of stuff has been stolen. But, it's all okay (for us anyway), because it looks like her dogs are coming back to the Jersey Shore house with them.

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