Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jake's most mentionable moments in music of 2010 (hyperlinks galore!)

Instead of posting my favorite songs from this year, I think I'll countdown top 25 moments that need talking about this year in music.

Sleigh Bells

- I kind of get why people love this band. If you don't think about it too much, it's really fun. But if you listen to it too closely, shit's turrible. Here are all of the lyrics to their song "A/B Machines"
"Got my A machines on the table
Got my B machines in the drawer"
One: What does that mean?
Two: Even Black Eyed Peas have more lyrics than two lines.

Gregory Brothers

-They made what was probably my favorite viral video of the year into a super great song, and a less interesting, but still popular, video into another really great song.



Damon Albarn

-Between the two Gorillaz albums from this year and that Blur song this is the year of Damon Albarn.

-and no one cares.

-When I'm With You would totally be in my top songs, if I was doing that.

-I was originally going to put his cover of the Fresh Prince theme, but that actually happened in November of '09.

-Great song or greatest song?

-If this song was the only song that ever existed, I would be completely okay with that.

-They sure are really good at making videos, not to mention music.

-When I first heard this record I was like "YES! This is definitely going to be one of the best records of the year!" Then a ton of other really good albums came out this year, so it probably won't make it. But it is really good and needs the recognition it deserves!

-Could this be the next I'm on a Boat? I think yes.

-If indie rock had a draft, this band would be pick No. 1. (Sports metaphor!)

-Age of Adz was a nice departure from his usual folksy. orchestral sound and that song kicks all kinds of ass.

-Everyone sad.

-That was so crazy and it introduced us to Runaway, which is a totally great song!

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