Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sleigh Bells second chance

For whatever reason, people love (LOVE!) Sleigh Bells. Hipsters, ya know? As I do have some hipster blood in me, because I like Pavement and wear glasses, I figured there must (MUST!) be something I'm missing. So, I re-listened to the album. I decided they are not a band to think much about. Sleigh Bells are to music as The Transporter/Crank movies are to film. I can not differentiate one Transporter movie with another, just as I can't differentiate any Sleigh Bells song with any other Sleigh Bells song. I know that in one of the movies, Jason Statham jumps a jet ski onto a bridge and then runs through a school bus (full of kids!) and punches a guy in the face at the front of the bus. How cool is that?! If you wanted to watch a good, quality film with an engaging story and good character-development, you wouldn't watch The Transporter series. But, if you wanted to sit down and watch a movie for pure, mindless entertainment, then The Transporter series is great (GREAT!) choice. Sleigh Bells are not Radiohead. They aren't making grandiose music that you're supposed to listen to closely and analyze and find beautiful. By no means will they be in this year's top 20 albums on KoolThingzzz, but I'm not going to actively avoid Sleigh Bells. If you want to dance to some music at a party and you've heard that one Black Eyed Peas song one too many times, Sleigh Bells are your saviour.

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