Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Real World, in which homeless people runaway and get drunk

I think this season of The Real World has finally found a formula that works. Knight and Jemmye are always crazy in love, and the Preston/Ryan fiasco has always been really hard to watch, although, also kind of funny. Eric never gets an episode dedicated to him, same with Mckenzie and Ashlee doesn't really do anything but look hot and be nice to everyone. Sahar episodes are always kind of bland, until now. Sahar was the main plot point of this episode, witht the secondary plot point being everyone's favorite, Knight! Knight! Sahar's boyfriend, Pablo, is coming to New Orleans to visit. Yeah! Sahar loves her boyfriend. And, Oh. My. God. They are SO cute together. (not) Knight and Jemmye, on the other hand, are perfect for each other. So perfect, in fact, that their housemates have decided to plan a wedding for the two. Knight's not too happy about it though. Probably because he's afraid of his feelings, because he's a man. (or something, Romantic Comedy, etc.) Jemmye thinks that they really have something here. "It's not just sex. I think it started with sex, but it's more than that now." WHERE IS THIS SHOW'S PEABODY?! Finally, Sahar's boyfriend, Pablo, shows up with his two friends. Yeah! That night, the lot of them go out clubbin (baby seals, just kidding, or am I? I am.) While at the club, one of Pablo's friends says that he "gets more ass than toilet seats." Knight feels really bad for Sahar, but he decides not to say anything because that's not his place. Sahar also has a show with a local band. Pablo gets really drunk throughout the day and hits on Mckenzie. At one point he puts his hand in her hair and says "Mckenzie's really pretty." In his defense, Mckenzie is really pretty. He says he doesn't really care about Sahar's performance and everybody feels terrible for Sahar, because she's so nice and Pablo is such a douche. While backstage, Sahar is kind of freaking out, but Eric comes backstage and pumps her up. Oh, they all pretended to be homeless by sleeping outside behind the soup kitchen one night. Knight and Ashlee ran away though and it was really funny. Loretta (the kitchen boss) caught them when they came back and had a deep conversation with Knight. It was nice. It was a good episode. Next week, Ryan comes back! OH NOOOOOOOO!!!

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