Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This episode of Persons Unknown has gone where no episode of Persons Unknown has gone before.

You thought last week was crazy, just wait. As you may recall, Tori's left and Joe's "one of them" and allergic to bees. So this week: People wake up and are like "gaah Tori's gone!!!" So they go running around the town looking for Tori. They see her laying on road near the edge of town. They run over to her and see it's not Tori! No way! I certainly didn't see THAT coming. Instead it's some crazy woman who runs toward the desert surrounding the town. But she's thrown back by force field. Instead of passing out like EVERYONE ELSE she just gets up and starts chasing everyone like a crazy person. But she's not the crazy person. That's Moira. As she's running around she tackles Bill, the guy nobody likes and calls Charlie "Chuck." She takes his clothes and changes out of Tori's dress right there. Right in front of Bill! In the middle of the street! She runs into the restaurant and steals a knife. She then runs around the town AGAIN. What is this going to accomplish? She has nowhere to go! Apparently she didn't watch this show before being stuck there. This is a reality show, right? Janet and Joe try to corner her to calm her down, but it doesn't work. Then she runs into the bank. THEN she runs into the safe! THEN Janet goes after her! THEN the safe door closes! Some safe door. (get it? puns!) So Janet and Erika (that's the other woman's name, if you're stupid and couldn't figure that out.) are stuck in this safe together and Erika's got a knife, which doesn't seem too safe in a safe. I think this was the writers going for irony. So they sit in there for a while BUT THEY'RE RUNNING OUT OF OXYGEN! Joe won't have any of this. He goes to the back of the restaurant to give Tom (that's the chef's name) a stern talking to. Tom won't let them go. So Joe smashes the keyboard Tom was using. That should help a lot. GREAT JOB JOE! Janet and Erika finally bond over their children. They door to the safe opens and they leave. Then everyone hugs. Elsewhere, Moira and Graham are discussing what may have happened to Tori. Graham's convinced she's dead, but Moira's more hopeful. While in the dress shop, the television turns on and Moira sees a news broadcast with Tori and her father. So, Moira thinks Tori's alive. Unfortunately, Tori was actually found dead in some fountain. This confuses Janet's ex-husband, who you may remember as the journalist who's been following the missing mom story. He believes that the disappearance of both Tori and his ex-wife, and the later death of Tori are somehow connected. Also, he was fired from his job as newspaper man. Back in the town Moira has been writing every one of her thoughts on the wall in her room. Look at the picture to see some of her investigative notes, one of which is "EUROPE." They're SOOOO investigative. Once Janet and Erika head back to the hotel Moira tells Erika that they've all been kidnapped and the only way they are going to survive is if they all stick together.

I miss Tori.

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